Directory of Tree Vendors, Tree Farms, Garden Centers and Tree Nurseries

Directory of retail and wholesale local, national and international online tree suppliers, nurseries, garden centers and tree farms for buying a wide selection of plants and gardening accessories.

Here you can order potted plants, ground covers, shrubs, flowering annuals, perennials and trees.
A tree nursery may specialize in fruit trees, shade trees, or evergreen trees or even in certain tree species. Some nurseries feature seedlings or bare root trees which can be easily shipped in quantity.

There is also a convenient contractor matching service through which you can find prescreened landscaping professionals in your local area.

Tree Care information recourse websites.

On-line, Retail Garden Centers and Tree Nurseries

Raintree Nursery
Washington-based nursery offers fruit, nut, and berry plants for the American fruit grower.

C&O Nursery
Washington-based nursery offers a broad selection of fruit tree stock.

Cloud Mountain Farm
Washington-based grower of fruit, nut, berry, and ornamental landscape plants.

Fantastic Plants
Mail order nursery specializing in Japanese maples, conifers, and other new, unusual, and rare trees, shrubs, and perennials.

Four Winds Growers
California-based nursery offers a broad selection of citrus trees.

Greenwood Nursery
Tennessee-based garden center offers trees, shrubs, fruiting plants, and garden gear.

Gurney's Seed & Nursery
Evergreen trees, flowering trees, fruit trees, shade trees, windbreaks, flowering shrubs, and hedges.

Johnson Nursery
Georgia-based grower of hardy fruit trees, berry plants, and orchard supplies.

Miller Nurseries
New York-based supplier of fruit trees, nut trees, berry plants, flowering plants, and more.

Musser Forests
Pennsylvania-based grower offers conifer and hardwood seedlings and transplants, ornamental shrubs, and garden supplies.

St. Lawrence Nurseries
Features Northern climate fruit and nut trees.

Stark Bro's Nurseries & Orchards Co.
Missouri-based supplier of fruit trees, shade trees, flowering trees, shrubs, and roses.

Trees of Antiquity
Find a selection of heirloom fruit trees for your home lawn or garden.

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Wholesale Tree Nurseries

Adams County Nursery
Pennsylvania-based nursery offers a wide range of fruit trees and orchard supplies.

Alpine Nursery
Wisconsin-based supplier of evergreens and hardwoods.
Arizona-based nursery offers trees for arid Southwestern climates and desert landscapes.

Burchell Nursery
California-based commercial fruit tree nursery.

California Tropical Fruit Tree Nursery
California-based wholesale grower of rare and well-known tropical fruit trees.

Pineton Tree Farms
Pennsylvania based evergreen tree nursery specializes in wholesale Christmas Tree sales to Garden Centers, lot operators, and scout groups.
Florida-based wholesale producer of ornamental trees.

Lawyer Nursery
Montana-based supplier of wholesale trees and shrubs.

Oregon-based producer of semi-dwarf apple trees and apple rootstock.

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Tree Seed Suppliers

Sheffield's Seed Company, Inc
Retail and Wholesale Tree and Shrub Seeds.
269 State Route 34, Locke, New York 13092 U.S.A

Tree Planting and Landscape Contractors

Landscaping Contractors
Get matched to prescreened landscape designers and installers in your area, covers United States, UK, France and Germany.

Tree Care Resources

How to Plant a Tree
Step-by-step guide to planting a tree in your home landscape.

How to Prune Trees
Prepared by the Forest Service of the US Department of Agriculture.