Whitebeam Trees, Types and Species Names

Picture of a Whitebeam Tree
Young Whitebeam Tree
Photo of a young Arran Whitebeam tree
(Sorbus pseudofennica), by Roger Griffith

Whitebeam trees are botanically classified as members of Subgenus Aria part of the Sorbus Genus of plants. Most of the species are all deciduous trees apart from a few that grow as shrubs. These trees are related to the Mountain-ash trees of the same genus Sorbus and the Rowans (Sorbus subgenus Sorbus), as being in the same genus of Sorbus. The most well known species of Whitebeam is Sorbus aria (Common Whitebeam).

Whitebeam trees are so named due to their appearance when the wind blows their leaves revealing the white undersides of each leaf. Additionally new emergent foliage is also nearly white in color. The beam part of the tree name "Whitebeam" is from the old Saxon word for tree, (beam = tree), so in old English the name Whitebeam, is derived from the meaning "White Tree".

Whitebeam wood is very hard, and has been used for tool handles, furniture, and cogs and wheels in old primitive machinery. The wood is orange in color when cut living, wet or green. The wood turns to a pale yellow after drying out.

The Whitebeam Trees are native to Europe and Asia.

Facts about Whitebeam Trees
  • Genus Latin Scientific Name = Sorbus
  • Subgenus name = Aria
  • Subgenus Common Names = Whitebeam
  • Number of Taxa in genus Sorbus , subgenus Aria = 50
  • Whitebeam Hybrids = Currently many are known, however hybridization between Whitebeam (Sorbus subgenus Aria) and Rowan (Sorbus subgenus Sorbus) is commonplace, occurring naturally.
List of Whitebeam Trees, genus; Sorbus, subgenus; Aria - All known species, taxa, organized by scientific Latin botanical name first and common names second
List of Whitebeam Tree Species Names
Botanical Tree NameCommon Tree Name
Sorbus admonitor No Parking Whitebeam
Sorbus alnifolia Korean Whitebeam
Sorbus anglica English Whitebeam
Sorbus aria Common Whitebeam, Quickbeam, Chess-apple, Hen-apple, Hoar withy, Whip-crop
Sorbus aronioides Chokeberry-leaved Whitebeam
Sorbus arranensis Arran Whitebeam
Sorbus austriaca ¡ ?
Sorbus bristoliensis Bristol Gorge Whitebeam
Sorbus cambrensis Welsh Whitebeam
Sorbus carpatica Carpathian Whitebeam
Sorbus cheddarensis Cheddar Whitebeam
Sorbus croceocarpa Orange Whitebeam
Sorbus cuneifolia Llangollen Whitebeam
Sorbus danubialis ¡ ?
Sorbus decipiens Sharp-toothed Whitebeam
Sorbus devoniensis Devon Whitebeam
Sorbus eminens Round-leaved Whitebeam
Sorbus eminentiformis Doward Whitebeam
Sorbus eminentoides Twin Cliffs Whitebeam
Sorbus folgneri Folgner's Whitebeam
Sorbus franconica ¡ ?
Sorbus graeca Balkan Whitebeam
Sorbus hibernica Irish Whitebeam
Sorbus hybrida Finnish Whitebeam, Swedish Service-Tree
Sorbus intermedia Swedish Whitebeam
Sorbus lancastriensis Lancastrian Whitebeam
Sorbus latifolia Service Tree of Fontainebleau
Sorbus leighensis Leigh Woods Whitebeam
Sorbus leptophylla Thin-leaved Whitebeam
Sorbus leyana Ley's Whitebeam
Sorbus margaretae Margaret's Whitebeam
Sorbus minima Least Whitebeam
Sorbus mougeotii Vosges Whitebeam
Sorbus parviloba Ship Rock Whitebeam
Sorbus porrigentiformis Grey-leaved Whitebeam
Sorbus pseudofennica Arran Service Tree or Arran cut-leaved Whitebeam
Sorbus pseudomeinichii Catacol Whitebeam
Sorbus rupicola Rock Whitebeam
Sorbus rupicoloides Gough's Rock Whitebeam
Sorbus saxicola Symonds Yat Whitebeam
Sorbus scannelliana Scannell's Whitebeam
Sorbus stenophylla Llanthony Whitebeam
Sorbus stirtoniana Stirton's Whitebeam
Sorbus subcuneata Somerset Whitebeam
Sorbus thibetica Tibetan Whitebeam
Sorbus umbellata ¡ ?
Sorbus vestita Himalayan Whitebeam
Sorbus vexans Bloody Whitebeam
Sorbus whiteana White's Whitebeam
Sorbus wilmottiana Wilmott's Whitebeam

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Whitebeam tree fruit berries
Whitebeam leaves and berries.
Picture by, Julie Anne Workman, Picture use (cc2)
Whitebeam Bark
Photo of Whitebeam bark
(Sorbus pseudofennica),
Photo by Roger Griffith
Whitebeam Wood
Picture of a cut Whitebeam tree trunk showing the wood.

Whitebeam Hybrids;

Botanical Tree NameCommon NamesTree is a hybrid between;
Sorbus x thuringiaca Bastard Service Tree or Oak-leaf Mountain Ash This tree is a hybrid of European Rowan (Sorbus aucuparia) and Common Whitebeam (Sorbus aria).