Willow Tree Names and Types of Willows (Salix) Species

Picture of a Willow Tree
Weeping Willow (Salix ×sepulcralis 'Chrysocoma')
A weeping willow
(Salix ×sepulcralis 'Chrysocoma')

The Willow Genus (Salix) contains many species, most of which are known as Willow, but some narrow leaved shrub species are called Osier, and some broader leaved species are referred to as Sallow (from Old English sealh, related to the Latin word "Salix"; Willow).

About half of all known Willow species grow as Trees, most others grow as shrubs, and some Willows grow as miniature (Alpine) Sub-Shrubs. As some species of Willow can grow as either a tree or a shrub, depending on their local habitat, this site will list the names of all Willows without regard to growth habit.

This page focuses on types of Willow Trees and their common names, below is a list of Willow names organized by common name, following with the appropriate Botanical Latin Name. Some species have the same common name, however all Botanical Latin names are unique, and so using the list below you can find the differences in species with the same common Willow name. Click here for a list of ALL Willow (Salix) species organized by Botanical Latin name.

Facts about Willow Trees of the Salix Genus
List of Willow Tree Species of the (Salix) Genus - Species types organized by common name, then by scientific Latin botanical name
Willow Common Names to Botanical Latin Names
Common Willow Tree NameBotanical Salix Tree Name
Alaska bog Willow Salix fuscescens
Almond Willow, Almond-leaf Willow, French Willow Salix triandra
(Synonym; Salix amygdalina)
Alpine Willow Salix alpina
Alpine Willow Salix petrophila
American Willow Salix discolor
Arctic Seashore Willow Salix ovalifolia var. arctolitoralis
Arctic Willow Salix arctica
Arctic Willow, Northern Willow Salix arctophila
Arctic Willow Salix crassijulis
Arctic Willow Salix torulosa
Argus' Willow Salix argusii
Arizona Willow Salix arizonica
Arroyo Willow Salix lasiolepis
Astragalus Ivanovich Willow, (Japanese; Renge Iwa Yanagi) レンゲイワヤナギ, Iva astragalus Willow, Willow rock lotus Salix nakamurana
Athabasca Willow Salix athabascensis
Autumn Willow Salix serissima
Babylon Willow, Peking Willow, Weeping Willow Salix babylonica
Ball's Willow Salix ballii
Balsam Willow Salix pyrifolia
Barclay's Willow Salix barclayi
Barratt's Willow Salix barrattiana
Barren ground Willow Salix nummularia
Barren Willow Salix jejuna
Barrenground Willow Salix niphoclada
Barren-ground Willow, Small-fruit Willow, Shortfruit Willow Salix brachycarpa
Basket Willow, Common Osier, Osier Salix viminalis
Basket Willow, Purple Willow, Purple osier, Dwarf Blue Arctic Willow, Dwarf Purple Osier Salix purpurea
Bayberry Willow Salix myricoides
Bearberry Willow Salix uva-ursi
Bebb's Willow Salix bebbii
Bebb's Willow, Beaked Willow, Long-beaked Willow, Grey Willow Salix bebbiana
Beschel's Willow Salix beschelii
Bigelow's Willow Salix lasiolepis var. bigelovii
Black Willow Salix nigra
Blackbract Willow Salix pedunculata
Blanketleaf Willow Salix silicicola
Blue Willow Salix alba ssp. caerulea
Blueberry Willow Salix myrtillifolia
Bluestem Willow, Dewystem Willow, Sandbar Willow Salix irrorata
Blunt leaved Willow, Stunted Willow (Stumpfblatt-Weide), Notch-leaf Willow (Stutz-Weide), Netzblättrige Weide, Mattvide Salix retusa
Bog WillowSalix pedicellaris
Bonpland Willow, Red WillowSalix bonplandiana
Booth's Willow, Blueberry WillowSalix boothii
Brewer's Willow Salix breweri
Brittle Willow Salix ×fragilis
Canary Willow Salix canariensis
Cape silver Willow, Safsaf Willow Salix capensis
Cape Silver Willow Salix mucronata ssp. hirsuta
Cascade Willow Salix cascadensis
Chamisso's Willow Salix chamissonis
Chinese WillowSalix matsudana
Coastal plain Willow Salix caroliniana
Columbia river Willow Salix columbiana
Conifer Willow Salix conifera
Corkscrew Willow, Curly Willow, Hankow Willow, Peking Willow, Tortured Willow, Twisted-Twig Willow Salix matsudana
Coyote Willow (coyotevide), Narrow-leaf Willow Salix exigua var. exigua
Crack Willow Salix ×fragilis
Creeping Willow Salix repens
Cricket-bat Willow Salix alba ssp. caerulea
Daphne Willow, Violet WillowSalix daphnoides
Del Norte Willow Salix delnortensis
Dewystem Willow Salix irrorata
Diamondleaf Willow, Plainleaf Willow, Tea-leaf Willow Salix planifolia
Dieck's Willow Salix dieckiana
Donian Willow Salix doniana
Downy Willow Salix lapponum
Dragon Willow, Fantail Willow, Fishtail Willow, Japanese Fantail Willow Salix sachalinensis
(Synonym; Salix udensis)
Dragon Willow, Japanese fantail Willow Salix udensis
(Synonym; Salix sachalinensis)
Drummond's Willow Salix drummondiana
Dune Willow Salix hookeriana
Dusky Willow Salix melanopsis
Eared Willow Salix aurita
Eastwood's Willow, Mountain Willow, Sierra Willow Salix eastwoodiae
Egyptian Willow Salix aegyptiaca
Ehrhart's Willow Salix ×ehrhartiana
Elaeagnus Willow Salix elaeagnos
European Willow Salix myrsinifolia
False mountain Willow, White mountain Willow Salix pseudomonticola
Farr's Willow Salix farriae
Feltleaf Willow, Alaska WillowSalix alaxensis
Firmleaf Willow Salix pseudomyrsinites
Florida Willow Salix floridana
Flute Willow Salix mucronata ssp. woodii
Flute Willow, Cape Willow, Kaapse wilgerSalix mucronata
Geyer's Willow Salix geyeriana
Glacial Willow Salix ovalifolia var. glacialis
Glatfelter's Willow Salix glatfelteri
Glaucous Willow, Grayleaf Willow, Gray-leaf Willow, White Willow Salix glauca
Goat Willow, Pussy Willow, Weeping PussyWillow, Kilmarnock Willow, French PussyWillow Salix caprea
Golden WillowSalix alba ssp. vitellina
Goodding's black Willow, Goodding's Willow Salix gooddingii
Gray Willow, Large Gray Willow Salix atrocinerea
Grayleaf Willow Salix glauca var. acutifolia
Grayleaf Willow Salix glauca var. callicarpaea
Grayleaf Willow Salix glauca var. glauca
Grayleaf Willow Salix glauca var. villosa
Gray's Willow Salix grayi
Greenleaf WillowSalix lucida ssp. caudata
Green-scaled Willow, Greenscale Willow, Saule à bractées vertes Salix chlorolepis
Grey Willow, Grey sallow, Large Gray Willow Salix cinerea
Halberd Willow Salix hastata
Hankenson's Willow Salix hankensonii
Heartleaf Willow, Sand dune Willow, Furry Willow Salix cordata
Hinds' Willow Salix exigua var. hindsiana
Humboldt's Willow Salix humboldtiana
Hungry Willow Salix famelica
Jepson's Willow Salix jepsonii
Kawayanagi or Kawa-Yagani = (Japanese), In Japan it is called the purple Willow or Willow rivers Salix gilgiana
Kori-yanagi Salix koriyanagi
Labrador Willow Salix argyrocarpa
Lapland Willow, Downy WillowSalix lapponum
Large Gray Willow, Grey Willow, Grey sallow Salix cinerea
Laurel Willow, Bay-leaf Willow Salix pentandra
Least Willow Salix rotundifolia
Least Willow Salix rotundifolia var. rotundifolia
Lemmon's Willow Salix lemmonii
Limestone Willow, Woolly WillowSalix calcicola
Littletree Willow Salix arbusculoides
Long-leaved violet Willow, sharp-leaf WillowSalix acutifolia
MacKenzie's Willow Salix prolixa
Madagascar Willow Salix madagascariensis
McCalla's Willow Salix maccalliana
Meadow Willow, Slender Willow Salix petiolaris
Missouri Willow, Missouri River Willow Salix eriocephala
Mountain Willow Salix arbuscula
Mountain Willow Salix eastwoodiae
Mountain Willow, Park WillowSalix monticola
Mountain Willow, Park WillowSalix padophylla
Myrtle WillowSalix myrsinites
Narrowleaf Willow Salix exigua var. exigua
Netleaf Willow, Netted Willow Salix reticulata
Northern Willow, Arctic Willow Salix arctophila
Northwest Willow, Northwest Sandbar Willow Salix sessilifolia
Onecolor Willow Salix monochroma
Osier, Common Osier, Basket Willow Salix viminalis
Ouray Willow Salix princeps-ourayi
Oval-leaf Willow Salix ovalifolia
Pacific WillowSalix lucida ssp. lasiandra
Park Willow Salix monticola
Park Willow Salix peasei
Peachleaf Willow Salix amygdaloides
Peachleaf Willow Salix amygdaloides var. wrightii
Polar Willow Salix polaris
Prairie Willow Salix humilis
Prairie WillowSalix humilis var. humilis
Prairie WillowSalix humilis var. tristis
Purple Willow, Purple osier, Dwarf Blue Arctic Willow, Dwarf Purple Osier, Basket WillowSalix purpurea
Pussy Willow, American Willow Salix discolor
Raup's Willow Salix raupii
Red Willow Salix laevigata
Richardson's Willow Salix richardsonii
Rock Willow Salix vestita
Rose-gold pussy Willow, Black Pussy Willow Salix gracilistyla
Rosemary Leaf Willow, Rosemary-leaved WillowSalix rosmarinifolia
Rubella Willow Salix rubella
Rusty Sallow Salix oleifolia
Safsaf Willow, SafsafwilgerSalix mucronata ssp. mucronata
Sage Willow, Sageleaf WillowSalix candida
Salix mielichhoferi, Tauern-WeideSalix mielichhoferi
Salix reinii Willow Salix reinii
Sandbar Willow Salix interior
Sandbar Willow Salix longifolia
Sandbar Willow Salix exigua
Satiny Willow Salix pellita
Scouler's Willow Salix scouleriana
Setchell's Willow Salix setchelliana
Shining Willow Salix lucida
Shortfruit Willow Salix brachycarpa var. brachycarpa
(Synonyms; Salix wyomingensis)
Sierra Willow Salix orestera
Silky Willow Salix sericea
Silver Willow Salix alba var. sericea
Silver Willow, Cape Silver Willow Salix mucronata ssp. hirsuta
Simulans Willow Salix simulans
Sitka Willow Salix sitchensis
Skeletonleaf WillowSalix phlebophylla
Small-leaved WillowSalix mucronata ssp. capensis
Smalltoothed Willow Salix cryptodonta
Snow Willow Salix nivalis
Snowbed Willow Salix herbacea
Solheim's Willow Salix solheimii
Sprouting leaf Willow Salix stolonifera
Stone Willow Salix saxatilis
Straddling-branched Willow Salix divaricata
Strap-leaf Willow, Strapleaf WillowSalix ligulifolia
Swamp WillowSalix myrtilloides
Tealeaf WillowSalix pulchra
Thurber's Willow Salix thurberi
Timberline Willow Salix rotundifolia var. dodgeana
Tracy's Willow Salix tracyi
Turnor's Willow Salix turnorii
Tweedy's Willow Salix tweedyi
Tyrrell's Willow Salix tyrrellii
Undergreen Willow Salix commutata
Waghorn's Willow Salix waghornei
Watering Willow Salix apoda
Wedgeleaf Willow Salix sphenophylla
Weeping Willow, (See also Salix ×sepulchralis (Golden Weeping Willow) in Willow Hybrids)Salix babylonica
Whiplash Willow Salix lucida ssp. caudata
White Willow Salix alba
White Willow Salix alba ssp. alba
Wintergreen Willow (Talvikkipaju) Salix pyrolifolia
Wolf Willow, Wolf's Willow Salix wolfii
Woolly Willow, Limestone Willow Salix calcicola
Woolly Willow Salix lanata
Wyoming Willow Salix wyomingensis = is a synonym of Salix brachycarpa var. brachycarpa
Yellow Willow Salix lutea
Yew-leaf Willow Salix taxifolia

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Types of Willows

Willow Hybrid Names

  • Salix ×ambigua (Puzzle Willow) = Salix aurita (Eared Willow) × Salix repens (Creeping Willow)
  • Salix ×argusii (Argus' Willow) = Salix brachycarpa ssp. brachycarpa (Shortfruit Willow) × Salix candida (Sage Willow, Sageleaf Willow)
  • Salix ×austriaca = ? × ?
  • Salix ×balfourii = Salix caprea × Salix lanata
  • Salix ×boydii = Salix lapponum (Lapland Willow, Downy Willow) × Salix reticulata (Netleaf Willow, Netted Willow)
  • Salix ×calodendron (Holme Willow, Sammetssälg) = possibly Salix caprea × Salix atrocinerea × Salix viminalis
  • Salix ×chrysostela
  • Salix ×cotteti (Cottet Willow, Dwarf Willow) = ? × ?
  • Salix ×dasyclados = parentage uncertain, but probably involving Salix caprea, Salix cinerea, Salix viminalis
  • Salix ×dichroa (Common name ?) = Salix aurita (Eared Willow) × Salix purpurea (Purple Willow or purple osier)
  • Salix ×dutillyi (Dutilly's Willow) = Salix argyrocarpa (Labrador Willow) × Salix pedicellaris (Bog Willow)
  • Salix ×ehrhartiana (Ehrhart's Willow) = Salix alba × Salix pentandra
  • Salix ×erdingeri = Salix caprea × Salix daphnoides
  • Salix ×forbyana (Fine Basket Osier, Fine Osier) = Salix purpurea × Salix viminalis × Salix cinerea
  • Salix ×fragilis (Common names; Crack Willow, Brittle Willow, Bruch-Weide, Salava, Piilipuu, Skørpil, Skjørpil, Saule Cassant, Hohe Weide, Knackweide, Fahl-Weide)
    Salix ×fragilis is a hybrid between = Salix alba (White Willow) × Salix euxina (Coyote Willow, Narrow-leaf Willow).
    Salix ×fragilis is a homonym with Salix fragilis, two different species with similar names according to IPNI.org:names:Salix ×fragilis and IPNI.org:names:Salix fragilis.
  • Salix ×gaspensis (Gaspé Willow) = Salix brachycarpa ssp. brachycarpa (Shortfruit Willow) × Salix chlorolepis (Green-scaled Willow)
  • Salix ×grahamii (Graham's Willow) = Salix aurita × Salix repens × Salix herbacea
  • Salix ×jamesensis (James' Willow) = Salix pedicellaris (Bog Willow) × Salix pellita (Satiny Willow)
  • Salix ×jesupii
  • Salix ×laestadiana = Salix cinerea × Salix lapponum
  • Salix ×laurentiana (Laurent's Willow) = Salix discolor (Pussy Willow) × Salix myricoides (Bayberry Willow)
  • Salix ×laurina (Laurel-leaf Willow, Lagervide) = Salix caprea × Salix phylicifolia
  • Salix ×lyonensis = Salix repens (Creeping Willow) × Salix arbuscula
  • Salix ×meyeriana (Shiny-leaf Willow) = Salix pentandra × Salix euxina, (Possibly Salix pentandra × Salix ×fragilis)
  • Salix ×mollissima (Sharp-stipule Willow) = Salix triandra (Almond Willow) × Salix viminalis (Basket Willow, Osier)
  • Salix ×obtusata (Obtuse Willow) = Salix myricoides (Bayberry Willow) × Salix pyrifolia (Balsam Willow)
  • Salix ×pedunculata (Blackbract Willow) = Salix discolor (Pussy Willow, American Willow × Salix pellita (Satiny Willow)
  • Salix ×pendulina (Wisconsin Weeping Willow, Weeping Crack Willow, Niobe Willow) = Salix fragilis (Crack Willow) × Salix babylonica (Babylon Willow, Peking Willow, Weeping Willow)
    • Salix ×pendulina nothovar. elegantissima (Thurlow Weeping Willow)
  • Salix ×pilosiuscula
  • Salix ×pontederana = Salix cinerea × Salix purpurea
  • Salix ×rubens (Synonym of Salix ×fragilis)
  • Salix ×rubra (Green-leaf Willow, Flätvide) = Salix purpurea × Salix viminalis
  • Salix ×schneiderii = Salix lucida (Shining Willow) × Salix nigra (Black Willow)
  • Salix ×sepulcralis (Golden Weeping Willow, Kemp Willow, Weeping Willow) = Salix alba (White Willow) × Salix babylonica (Peking Willow)
    • Salix ×sepulcralis nothovar. chrysocoma (Golden hybrid weeping Willow) = Salix alba ssp. vitellina × Salix babylonica
    • Salix ×sepulcralis nothovar. sepulcralis (Weeping Willow) = Salix alba ssp. alba × Salix babylonica
  • Salix ×seringeana (Seringe Willow) = Salix caprea (Goat Willow) × Salix elaeagnos (Elaeagnus Willow)
  • Salix ×simulatrix (Dvärgrisvide) = Salix arbuscula (Mountain Willow) × Salix herbacea (Snowbed Willow)
  • Salix ×smithiana (Broadleaf osier, Silky-leaf Osier, Häckvide) = Salix cinerea (Grey Willow) × Salix viminalis (Basket Willow, Osier)
  • Salix ×stipularis (Eared Osier, Dammvide) = Salix atrocinerea × Salix viminalis
  • Salix ×subalpina = Salix glauca var. appendiculata × Salix caprea
  • Salix ×subsericea = Salix cinerea × Salix repens (Creeping Willow)
  • Salix ×tsugaluensis = Salix integra × Salix vulpina
  • Salix ×undulata = Salix alba × Salix triandra. Synonym; Salix ×mollissima var. undulata
  • Salix ×ungavensis
  • Salix ×wiegandii (Wiegand's Willow) = Salix calcicola (Limestone Willow, Woolly Willow) × Salix candida (Sage Willow, Sageleaf Willow)
  • Salix ×wimmeriana

Willow Cultivar Names

  • Salix alba 'Caerulea' (Cricket-bat Willow), Synonym; Salix alba var. caerulea
  • Salix alba 'Vitellina' (Golden Willow); Synonym; Salix alba var. vitellina
  • Salix alba 'Vitellina-Tristis' (Golden weeping Willow), Synonym; 'Tristis'
  • Salix alba 'Sericea' (Silver Willow)

Willow (Salix) Genus Vernacular Names

English: Willow
العربية: صفصاف
Azərbaycanca: Söyüd
Bahasa Indonesia: Dedalu
Башҡортса: Тал
Беларуская: Вярба
Boarisch: Felber
བོད་ཡིག: ལྕང་མ།
Bosanski: Vrba
Brezhoneg: Haleg
Български: Върба
Català: Salze
Česky: Vrba
Cymraeg: Helygen
Dansk: Pile-slægten
Deutsch: Weiden
Diné bizaad: Kʼaiʼ
Eesti: Paju
Ελληνικά: Ιτιά
Эрзянь: Каль
Esperanto: Saliko
Euskara: Sahats
فارسی: بید مجنون
Føroyskt: Pílur
Français: Saule
Gaeilge: Saileach
Gaelg: Shellagh
Galego: Salgueiro
한국어: 버드나무속
Հայերեն: Ուռենի
हिंदी: विलो पेड़ष , विलो
Hornjoserbsce: Wjerba
Hrvatski: Vrbe
Ido: Saliko
Ирон: Хæрис
Íslenska: Víðir
עברית: ערבה (צמח)
Қазақша: Қызыл тал
Кырык мары: Ӱэ
Kiswahili: Msafsafi
Коми: Бадь
Kurdî: Bî
Лакку: Щавщи
Latina: Salix
Latviešu: Vītoli
Lietuvių: Gluosnis
Magyar: Fűz
Македонски: Врба
Мокшень: Каль
Nāhuatl: Huexōtl
Nederlands: Wilg
日本語: ヤナギ , 柳
Norsk (bokmål)‎: Vierslekten
Norsk (nynorsk)‎: Vierslekta
Олык марий: Уа
Polski: Wierzba
Português: Salgueiro
Română: Salcie
Runa Simi: Sawsi
Русский: Ива
Саха тыла: Үөт
Sámegiella: Sieđga
Shqip: Salix
Slovenčina: Vŕba
Slovenščina: Vrba
Српски / srpski: Врба
Srpskohrvatski / српскохрватски: Vrba
Suomi: Pajut
Svenska: Videsläktet
Tiếng Việt: Chi Liễu
Türkçe: Söğüt
Удмурт: Бадь
Українська: Верба
Vèneto: Salgaro
ייִדיש: ערבה
中文: 柳树