Poplar Tree Names, Pictures and Types of Populus Species

Picture of a Poplar Tree
Fastigiate Black Poplar Tree (Populus nigra - Plantierensis)
Picture of a Fastigiate Black Poplar
(Populus nigra 'Plantierensis')

Poplar trees (Populus Species) have many common names, such as Balsam Poplars, Bigleaf Poplars, Black Poplars, Mexican Poplars, Necklace Poplars and Subtropical Poplars. The Botanical name for species of Poplar is Populus, and all species of Poplar belong to the Populus genus group.

There are other species of Populus that are not known as Poplar in English, some of their names are Aspen and Cottonwood. This page focuses on all species known as Poplar in English. For other species that are not listed here see the full list of Populus species in the Populus Genus index.

Poplar trees are grown as ornamental, landscaping trees, with numerous cultivars produced and used. These trees have the advantage of growing very large and very quickly. Commercial propagation is easy as most Poplars take root readily from cuttings. Poplar Trees with a fastigiate (erect, columnar) branching growth habit are very popular, and are common across Europe, North America and southwest Asia. Poplar trees are grown and used for Biofuel energy production, and Poplar wood is used in manufacturing, see Poplar tree uses.

Facts about Poplar Trees of the Populus Genus
List of Poplar species known as Poplar Trees, organized by scientific Latin botanical name first and common names second
List of Poplar Trees
Botanical Tree NameCommon Tree Name
Populus alba Silver Poplar, Silverleaf Poplar, White Poplar, Abele, (German; Silber-Pappel), (French; peuplier blanc), (Spanish; álamo blanco), (Swedish; Silverpoppel)
Populus angustifolia Willow-leaved Poplar, Narrowleaf Cottonwood
Populus balsamifera Balsam Poplar, Ontario Balsam Poplar
Populus ×berolinensis Berlin Poplar, Berlin laurel Poplar, Berliner Pappel (A Hybrid)
Populus ×brayshawii Hybrid Balsam Poplar (A Hybrid)
Populus ×canadensis Canadian Poplar, Carolina Poplar, Hybrid Black Poplar, Bastard-Schwarz-Pappel, Kanada-Pappel (A Hybrid)
Populus ×canescens Gray Poplar, Grey Poplar, Matchwood Poplar, Grau-Pappel, Peuplier Grisard (A Hybrid)
Populus euphratica Euphrates Poplar
Populus ×generosa Generous Poplar, Balm-of-Gilead (A Hybrid)
Populus guzmanantlensis Mexican Poplar
Populus heimburgeri Heimburger's Poplar
Populus hinckleyana Hinckley's Poplar
Populus ilicifolia Tana River Poplar
Populus ×inopina Hybrid Black Poplar (A Hybrid)
Populus koreana Korean Poplar
Populus lasiocarpa Chinese Necklace Poplar
Populus laurifolia Laurel-leaf Poplar
Populus maximowiczii Maximowicz' Poplar, Japanese Poplar
Populus mexicana Mexico Poplar
Populus nigra Black Poplar, Lombardy's Poplar
Populus parryi Parry's Poplar, Parry's Cottonwood
Populus simonii Simon's Poplar
Populus smithii Smith's Poplar
Populus suaveolens Mongolian Poplar
Populus szechuanica Sichuan Poplar
Populus trichocarpa Western Balsam Poplar, California Poplar, Black Cottonwood
Populus ussuriensis Ussuri Poplar
Populus wilsonii Wilson's Poplar
Populus yunnanensis Yunnan Poplar

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Poplar Roots can cause problems;

Poplars, like Willows, have very invasive and vigorous root systems stretching up to 40m (131ft) from the tree trunk, thus planting Poplar trees near to buildings may result in damaged foundations and cracked walls. Paved areas will eventually get damaged from the shallow roots that expand with time, uplifting and sprouting through the paved area. Poplar roots are very good at seeking out water, and will spread out around the water sources, so be aware that ceramic drainage pipes might eventually be compromised via a crack or joint, and fill with thirsty roots.

Uses of Poplar Trees;

Poplar Trees for Energy;
  • Some Poplar species are grown as an energy crop for biofuel, sometimes as biomass for charcoal products. Poplar species are suitable because of their quick growth, its high energy-in / energy-out ratio, and large carbon mitigation potential.
  • Poplar and Willow are grown in the United Kingdom as a short rotation coppice system (with single or multiple stems) for two to five years till harvest. The harvested biomass is usaly burned, as biofuel for energy instead of non-renewable energy sources such as coal. The harvested yield from some species of Poplar can be as high as 12 oven dry tones every year per tree.
Poplar Trees in Manufacturing;
  • Fast growing hybrid Poplars types are grown on plantations for pulpwood production.
  • Poplar wood is used all over the northern hemisphere for paper manufacturing and similar products such as cheap cardboard.
  • Poplar wood grows quickly, making it cheaper to produce than other hardwoods. This inexpensive hardwood timber can be used for cheap plywood, matches, pallets and camembert cheese boxes.
  • Poplar wood is commonly used in snowboards as the snowboard core, as it has great flexibility and is light-weight. Some musical instruments are made from Poplar, such as the bodies of electric guitars and drums.
  • Poplar wood has a high tannic acid content, the bark has been used in Europe for tanning leather.

Poplar (Populus) Species Vernacular Names

English: Poplar
حور (شجرة) :العربية
Aragonés: Alamos, Albars
Azərbaycanca: Qovaq
Башҡортса: Тирәк
Беларуская: Таполя
Български: Топола
Brezhoneg: Elv
Català: Pollancre
Чӑвашла: Тирек
česky: Topol
中文: 杨属
Corsu: Piobu (genaru)
Dansk: Poppel
Deutsch: Pappeln
Dolnoserbski: Topoł
Eesti: Pappel, Haab
Ελληνικά: Λεύκα
Español: Álamo
Esperanto: Poplo
Euskara: Makal
فارسی: سپیدار
Français: Peuplier
Gaelg: Pobbyl (billey)
Galego: Lamigueiro
한국어: 사시나무속
Հայերեն: Բարդի
हिन्दी: पोपलर
Hornjoserbsce: Topoł
Hrvatski: Topola
Ido: Poplo
Bahasa Indonesia: Populus
Ирон: Гæдыбæлас
Íslenska: Ösp (ættkvísl)
Italiano: Pioppo
צפצפה :עברית
ქართული: ვერხვი
Қазақша: Терек
Лакку: ХӀави
Лезги: Къавах
Latina: Populus
Latviešu: Apses
Lietuvių: Tuopa
Magyar: Nyárfa
Македонски: Топола
Nederlands: populier / sikkeldikblad
日本語: ポプラ
Nordfriisk: Papeln
Norsk bokmål: Poppelslekten
Occitan: Pibol
Picard: Caroline, Grisard, Peupe
Polski: Topola
Português: Choupo
Română: Plop
Runa Simi: Alamu
Русский: Тополь
Саха тыла: Тирэх
Sicilianu: sittintriunali
Slovenščina: Topoli
Српски / srpski: Топола (дрво)
Srpskohrvatski / српскохрватски: Topola (drvo)
Suomi: Haavat, poppelit
Svenska: Poppelsläktet
Tiếng Việt: Chi Dương
Türkçe: Kavak
Удмурт: Тополь
українська: Тополя
Vèneto: Piopa
Vepsän kel’: Topol'
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