Names of Tree Species of the Ginkgo Genus

Picture of a Ginkgo Tree
Picture of a Ginkgo biloba Tree
A picture of a Maidenhair Tree (Ginkgo biloba)

This genus of non-flowering trees has only one species of Ginkgo still surviving; (Ginkgo biloba), the others are all extinct. See list of Ginkgo species names below.

The scientific name Ginkgo appears to be due to a process akin to folk etymology. Chinese characters typically have multiple pronunciations in Japanese, and the characters 銀杏 used for ginnan can also be pronounced ginkyō. Engelbert Kaempfer, the first Westerner to see the species in 1690, wrote down this pronunciation in his Amoenitates Exoticae (1712) with the "awkward" spelling "Ginkgo". This appears to be a simple error of Kaempfer, taking his spelling of other Japanese words into account, a more precise romanization would have been "Ginkio" or "Ginkjo".

Facts about the Ginkgo Genus of Trees
  • Genus Latin Scientific Name = Ginkgo
  • Genus Common Names = Ginkgo
  • Number of Taxa in the Ginkgo Genus = 1
List of Ginkgo Trees, Ginkgo Genus - All known species, taxa types, organized by scientific Latin botanical name first and common names second

† = extinct species.

List of all known Ginkgo Tree Species
Botanical Tree NameCommon Tree NameNotes
† Ginkgo adiantoides - Extinct.
† Ginkgo apodes - Extinct.
Ginkgo bilobaMaidenhair Tree, GingkoOnly Living Species of the Ginkgo Genus
† Ginkgo cranei - Extinct. This species is represented by a group of fossil specimens from the Upper Paleocene aged Sentinel Butte Formation exposed near the town of Almont, North Dakota, USA.
† Ginkgo digitata - Extinct.
† Ginkgo dissecta - Extinct. This species is known from Early Eocene sediments exposed in the province of British Columbia, Canada, and Washington, USA.
† Ginkgo gardneri - Extinct. Fossils of this species have been found in the Paleocene of Scotland.
† Ginkgo ginkgoidea - Extinct.
† Ginkgo huolinhensis - Extinct.
† Ginkgo huttonii - Extinct. This species is known from fossils found in the Jurassic sediment rocks of England.
† Ginkgo yimaensis - Extinct.

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