Fig Trees Types and Names of Ficus

Pictures of Fig Trees
Common Fig Tree (Ficus carica)
Common Fig Tree (Ficus carica),
showing Fig fruits
Sycamore or Sycomore Fig (Ficus sycomorus)
Sycamore or Sycomore Fig Tree,
(Ficus sycomorus)

The common collective name for the Ficus genus is Fig Trees or Figs. There are about 850 species of Ficus in this genus, most types are comprised of trees, however some species of Figs exhibit shrub, vine, epiphyte, and hemiepiphyte growth types. Ficus is a pan-tropical genus of trees, shrubs and vines, they are native throughout the tropics with a few species extending into the semi warm temperate zones.

Fig tree species occupy a wide variety of ecological niches, mostly specific rainforest canopy niches. Most Ficus species are evergreen, but some are deciduous and are endemic to areas outside of the tropics, however some deciduous species are endemic in higher elevations within the tropics.

The most well known species of the Ficus genus is the Common Fig (Ficus carica) which is a small temperate deciduous tree native to southwest Asia and the Mediterranean region. The Common Fig has been widely cultivated since ancient times for its fruit, also commonly referred to and known as Figs.

Other well known Fig species are;
  • Weeping Fig (Ficus benjamina) that has a hemiepiphyte growth habit with thin tough leaves on pendulous stalks.
  • Creeping Fig or Sandpaper Fig (Ficus pumila) that has a vine growth habit, with small, hard, rough leaves that form a dense carpet of foliage that creeps over rocky landscapes or garden walls.
  • Sycamore Fig, or Sycomore Fig, (Ficus sycomorus), also known as Fig-mulberry. This is a large tree, growing to 20 m tall and 6 m wide with a dense round crown of spreading branches. Sycamore Fig leaves are heart-shaped with a round apex, dark green on top, light green below with prominent yellow veins.

Fig Fruit;
The fruit of Fig species other than the Common Fig Tree is edible however they are usually of only local economic importance or eaten as bushfood, and are extremely important food resources for wildlife.

Fig Species;
Fig species are characterized by their unique inflorescence and distinctive pollination syndrome, which utilizes wasp species belonging to the Agaonidae family for pollination.

Facts about the Ficus Genus of Trees
  • Genus Latin Scientific Name = Ficus
  • Genus Latin Name Pronunciation: FY-kus
  • Genus Latin Name Meaning: From the Latin for Ficus carica, an edible Fig.
  • Genus Common Names = Fig. List of Fig Tree (Ficus) Vernacular Names
  • Number of Species in the Ficus Genus ≈ 850
  • Number of infraspecific Taxa (types) in the Ficus Genus ≈ 912
List of Fig Tree names, Ficus Genus, organized by scientific Latin botanical name first and common names second
List of Fig Tree Species Names
Botanical Tree NameCommon Tree Name
Ficus abelii¡ ?
Ficus abutilifolia (syn. Ficus soldanella)¡ ?
Ficus adhatodifolia¡ ?
Ficus adolphi-friderici¡ ?
Ficus albert-smithii¡ ?
Ficus albipilaAbbey Tree, Phueng Tree, Tandiran
Ficus altissimaCouncil tree, False banyan
Ficus amazonica¡ ?
Ficus americanaJamaican Cherry Fig, West Indian laurel Fig
Ficus andamanica¡ ?
Ficus angladei¡ ?
Ficus apollinaris (syn. Ficus petenensis)¡ ?
Ficus area¡ ?
Ficus aripuanensis¡ ?
Ficus arpazusa¡ ?
Ficus asperaClown Fig, Lofty Fig
Ficus aurea (syn. Ficus tecolutlensis)Strangler Fig, Florida Strangler Fig, Golden Fig, Higuerón
Ficus auriculataRoxburgh Fig
Ficus barbataBearded Fig
Ficus battieri¡ ?
Ficus beddomeiThavital
Ficus benghalensisIndian Banyan, Banyan Fig, Bengal Fig, Indian Fig, East Indian Fig, bargad, Vad, Vat, Wad, Yagrodha, nyagrodha, Marrichettu, aalmaram, aalamaram, borh
Ficus benjaminaWeeping Fig, Benjamin's Fig, Ficus tree
Ficus bibracteata¡ ?
Ficus bizanae¡ ?
Ficus blepharophylla¡ ?
Ficus bojeri¡ ?
Ficus broadwayi¡ ?
Ficus bubu¡ ?
Ficus burtt-davyi¡ ?
Ficus callosaKalukoi
Ficus calyptroceras¡ ?
Ficus capreifoliaRiver sandpaper Fig
Ficus carchiana¡ ?
Ficus carica Common Fig, Fig Tree, (Iran, Pakistan: Anjeer), (Bengali: Dumur)
Ficus castellviana¡ ?
Ficus catappifolia¡ ?
Ficus celebensisCelebese Fig
Ficus citrifolia (syn. Ficus laevigata)Short Leaved Fig, Wild Banyantree, Shortleaf Fig, Giant bearded Fig, Jamaican Cherry
Ficus clusiifolia¡ ?
Ficus congesta¡ ?
Ficus cordata¡ ?
Ficus cordata ssp. salicifolia (syn. Ficus pretoriae)¡ ?
Ficus coronataCreek Sandpaper Fig
Ficus costaricana¡ ?
Ficus cotinifolia¡ ?
Ficus crassinervia (syn. Ficus stahlii)Jaguey
Ficus crassipesRound-leaved Banana Fig
Ficus crassiuscula¡ ?
Ficus craterostomaStrangler Fig
Ficus cristobalensis¡ ?
Ficus cuatrecasasiana¡ ?
Ficus cyclophylla¡ ?
Ficus dammaropsisHighland Breadfruit, Kapiak
Ficus deltoideaMistletoe Fig, Mas Cotek
Ficus dendrocida¡ ?
Ficus destruens¡ ?
Ficus drupacea (syn. Ficus mysorensis)Brown-woolly Fig, Mysore Fig
Ficus ecuadorensis¡ ?
Ficus elasticaRubber Fig, Indian Rubber Plant, Rubber tree, Indian Rubberplant, Rubber bush
Ficus elastica var. variegata¡ ?
Ficus elasticoides¡ ?
Ficus elliotiana¡ ?
Ficus enormis¡ ?
Ficus erectaJapanese Fig, イヌビワ
Ficus faulkneriana¡ ?
Ficus fischeri (syn. Ficus kiloneura)¡ ?
Ficus fistulosa¡ ?
Ficus fraseriShiny Sandpaper Fig, White Sandpaper Fig, Figwood, Watery Fig
Ficus fulvo-pilosa¡ ?
Ficus gardneriana¡ ?
Ficus gigantosyce¡ ?
Ficus gilletii¡ ?
Ficus glaberrima¡ ?
Ficus glabra¡ ?
Ficus glumosa (syn. Ficus sonderi)Mountain Fig
Ficus godeffroyiMati (Endemic to Samoa)
Ficus gomelleira¡ ?
Ficus greenwoodii¡ ?
Ficus greiffiana¡ ?
Ficus grenadensis¡ ?
Ficus grossularioidesWhite-leaved Fig
Ficus gryllus¡ ?
Ficus guajavoides¡ ?
Ficus guaranitica¡ ?
Ficus guianensis¡ ?
Ficus hartii¡ ?
Ficus hebetifolia¡ ?
Ficus hederacea¡ ?
Ficus heterophylla¡ ?
Ficus hirsuta¡ ?
Ficus hirta¡ ?
Ficus hispidaHpauwu, Ka-Aung, Kadut, Kha-Aung, Mai-Nawt-Hpu
Ficus hispita¡ ?
Ficus ilicina¡ ?
Ficus illiberalis¡ ?
Ficus infectoriaWavy-leaved Fig, Plaksa
Ficus ingensRed-leaved Fig
Ficus insipida (syn. Ficus glabrata)Wild Fig tree, Amate
Ficus kerkhoveniiJohore Fig
Ficus krishnae¡ ?
Ficus krukovii¡ ?
Ficus kurziiThick-rinded Fig
Ficus lacor¡ ?
Ficus lacunata¡ ?
Ficus laevis¡ ?
Ficus lapathifolia¡ ?
Ficus lateriflora¡ ?
Ficus lauretana¡ ?
Ficus loxensis¡ ?
Ficus luschnathiana¡ ?
Ficus lutea (syn. Ficus vogelii, Ficus nekbudu, Ficus quibeba)Giant-leaved Fig, Kaffir Fig, Zulu Fig
Ficus lyrataFiddle-leaved Fig, Fiddleleaf Fig
Ficus macbridei¡ ?
Ficus maclellandiiAlii Fig, Banana-Leaf Fig
Ficus macrocarpa¡ ?
Ficus macrophyllaMoreton Bay Fig, Black Fig
Ficus magnifolia¡ ?
Ficus malacocarpa¡ ?
Ficus mariae¡ ?
Ficus masonii¡ ?
Ficus mathewsii¡ ?
Ficus matiziana¡ ?
Ficus mauritianaMaldive Fig, Mauritian Fig
Ficus maximaWhite Fig, Caxinguba, Amate, Hicatee Fig, Amäk wäm, Matapal, Maja, Higueron, Higillo
Ficus maximoides¡ ?
Ficus meizonochlamys¡ ?
Ficus mexiae¡ ?
Ficus microcarpaCurtain Fig, Chinese Banyan, Malayan Banyan, Taiwan Banyan, Gajumaru (ガジュマル),  Indian laurel, Fig laurel
Ficus microcarpa var. hilliiHill's Fig, Hill's Weeping Fig
Ficus microcarpa var. nitida (May be a subspecies of Ficus retusa)¡ ?
Ficus microcarpum¡ ?
Ficus microchlamys¡ ?
Ficus minahasaeLongusei (Sulawesi)
Ficus minkelman¡ ?
Ficus mollior¡ ?
Ficus monckii¡ ?
Ficus montanaOakleaf Fig
Ficus muelleri¡ ?
Ficus muelleriana¡ ?
Ficus mutabilis¡ ?
Ficus mutisii¡ ?
Ficus natalensisNatal Fig, (Ganda: Mutuba)
Ficus natalensis ssp. leprieurii¡ ?
Ficus neriifoliaNarrowleaf Fig, Oleander-leaf Fig, Willow-leaf Fig
Ficus nervosa¡ ?
Ficus noronhae¡ ?
Ficus notaTibig (Oceania)
Ficus nymphaeifolia (syn. Ficus urbaniana)¡ ?
Ficus oapana¡ ?
Ficus obliqua (syn. Ficus eugenioides)Small-leaved Fig
Ficus obtusifoliaAmate
Ficus obtusiuscula¡ ?
Ficus oppositaSweet Sandpaper Fig, Sweet Fig, Figwood, Watery Fig
Ficus organensis¡ ?
Ficus padifolia¡ ?
Ficus pakkensis¡ ?
Ficus pallida¡ ?
Ficus palmataPunjab Fig, bedu
Ficus palmeri¡ ?
Ficus pandurata¡ ?
Ficus pantonianaClimbing Fig
Ficus panurensis¡ ?
Ficus pertusa¡ ?
Ficus petiolarisLava Fig, Rock Fig
Ficus pilosa¡ ?
Ficus piresiana¡ ?
Ficus platypodaDesert Fig, Rock Fig, Australian Fig
Ficus pleurocarpaBanana Fig, Gabi Fig, Karpe Fig
Ficus polita¡ ?
Ficus polita ssp. polita¡ ?
Ficus prolixa (syn. Ficus mariannensis)¡ ?
Ficus pseudopalmaPhilippine Fig, Dracaena Fig, Palm-leaf Fig, niog-niogan
Ficus pulchella¡ ?
Ficus pumilaCreeping Fig, Climbing Fig (A woody evergreen vine)
Ficus pumila var. awkeotsang¡ ?
Ficus pyriformis¡ ?
Ficus racemosa (syn. Ficus glomerata)Cluster Fig Tree, Goolar, Fig, Indian Fig Tree, (Sanskrit: Udumbara), (India: Gular, Atti, Umbar), Clustertree,  (Bengali: Dumur, ডুমুর )
Ficus ramiflora¡ ?
Ficus religiosaSacred Fig Tree, Arali, Bo Tree, Pipal, Pippala, Pimpal, Pou, Plaksa tree, Ashvattha, Peepul Tree, Pippal Tree
Ficus retusaTaiwan Fig, Ginseng Fig, Indian laurel, Cuban-laurel
Ficus ribesGooseberry Fig, Walen
Ficus rieberiana¡ ?
Ficus roraimensis¡ ?
Ficus roxburghii¡ ?
Ficus rubiginosaPort Jackson Fig, Little-leaved Fig, Rusty Fig, Damun (Sydney Language), Rusty-leaved Fig
Ficus rumphiiRumpf's Fig
Ficus salicifolia (syn. Ficus cordata subsp. salicifolia)Wonderboom Fig, Willow-leaved Fig
Ficus salzmanniana¡ ?
Ficus sansibaricaKnobbly Fig
Ficus sarmentosaBan Timila in the Nepali language
Ficus saussureana¡ ?
Ficus scabra¡ ?
Ficus schippii¡ ?
Ficus schultesii¡ ?
Ficus schumacheri¡ ?
Ficus septicaHauli Tree, Angular-fruit Fig
Ficus sphenophylla¡ ?
Ficus stuhlmanniiLowveld Fig
Ficus subpisocarpa笔管榕 in China, 雀榕 in Taiwan
Ficus subpuberula¡ ?
Ficus superbaDeciduous Fig, Sea Fig, Strangler Fig
Ficus superba var. henneanaCedar Fig, Deciduous Fig
Ficus sur (syn. Ficus capensis)Broom cluster Fig, Cape Fig
Ficus sycomorusSycomore Fig, Sycamore Fig, Fig-mulberry, Sycomore
Ficus talbotii¡ ?
Ficus tettensis (syn. Ficus smutsii)¡ ?
Ficus thonningiiChinese banyan
Ficus tinctoriaDye Fig, Humped Fig, Strangler Fig
Ficus tinctoria subsp. gibbosa (syn. Ficus gibbosa)¡ ?
Ficus tobagensis¡ ?
Ficus tomentella¡ ?
Ficus tomentosa¡ ?
Ficus tonduzii¡ ?
Ficus tremula¡ ?
Ficus tremula ssp. tremula¡ ?
Ficus triangularis¡ ?
Ficus trichopoda (syn. Ficus hippopotami)Swamp Fig, (Afrikaans: Moerasvy), (Zulu: Umvubu)
Ficus trigona¡ ?
Ficus trigonataJaguey blanco
Ficus triradiataRed-stipule Fig
Ficus ulmifolia¡ ?
Ficus umbellata¡ ?
Ficus ursina¡ ?
Ficus variegataCommon red stem Fig, Green fruited Fig, Variegated Fig
Ficus variolosa¡ ?
Ficus velutina¡ ?
Ficus verruculosaWater Fig
Ficus virensCurtain Fig Tree, Pilkhan, White Fig, (Gun-djeihmi: An-borndi)
Ficus virens var. sublanceolataSour Fig, White Fig, Deciduous Fig, Banyan
Ficus virgata¡ ?
Ficus vogeliiWest African Rubbertree
Ficus vogelli¡ ?
Ficus wassa¡ ?
Ficus watkinsianaWatkins' Fig, Nipple Fig, Green-leaved Moreton Bay Fig, Australian Strangler Fig
Ficus yoponensis¡ ?

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List of Fig Tree (Ficus) Vernacular Names

  • English: Fig
  • Afrikaans: Vye
  • አማርኛ: በለስ
  • Azərbaycanca: Əncir
  • Bahasa Melayu: Pokok Ara
  • Català: Ficus
  • Česky: Fíkovník
  • Dansk: Figen
  • Deutsch: Feigen
  • ދިވެހިބަސް: ތީނި
  • Esperanto: Fikuso
  • فارسی: فیکوس
  • 한국어: 무화과나무속
  • Hornjoserbsce: Figowc
  • Hrvatski: Smokve
  • עברית: פיקוס
  • ქართული: ფიკუსი
  • Кырык мары: Фикус
  • Kurdî: Hejîr
  • Lietuvių: Fikusas
  • 日本語: イチジク属
  • Norsk (bokmål)‎: Fikenslekten
  • Polski: Figowiec
  • Português: Figueira
  • Русский: Фикус
  • Српски / srpski: Смоква
  • Suomi: Viikunat
  • Svenska: Fikussläktet
  • తెలుగు: ఫైకస్
  • ไทย: โพ, ไทร, มะเดื่อ, มะเดื่อฝรั่ง
  • Українська: Фікус
  • 中文: 榕屬