Tree Species of the Eucalyptus Genus

Pictures of Eucalyptus Trees
Whitebox (Eucalyptus albens)
Whitebox (Eucalyptus albens)
Applebox Tree (Eucalyptus bridgesiana)
Applebox Tree (Eucalyptus bridgesiana)

The Eucalyptus Genus (Mallee, Gum Trees) are found all over the world, with most species being native to Australia. They are commonly called "Gum Trees", because they can extrude a copious sap from wounds in the bark. Many Eucalyptus trees are also referred to as Mallee trees, because they are multi-stemmed from the ground, and are usually less than 30ft / 10m in height which describes the Mallee growth habit. Some Mallee trees are really low growing and are mistakenly referred to as shrubs.

Other Common Names for Eucalyptus; Ironbark, Muzzlewood, Peppermint gum, Stringybark, Marlock, Mountain ash, Mahogany, Yate, Woolybutt, Box, Mallet, Mallee, Blue Gum, Blackbutt, Messmate, Mottlecah, Coolabah, Wandoo and Wattle.

Facts about the Eucalyptus Genus of Trees
  • Genus Latin Scientific Name = Eucalyptus
  • Genus Latin Name Pronunciation: "yoo-kuh-LIP-tus"
  • Genus Latin Name Meaning: From the Greek ευ (eu) = "well or good", and καλυπτος (kaluptos) = "covered". Referring to the Bud cap (Operculum) that protects the trees flower, that is "well covered". This cap falls off before flowering.
  • Genus Common Names = Eucalyptus, Gum Trees, Mallee, Box
  • Number of Taxa in the Eucalyptus Genus = 765. List of Hybrids
List of Eucalyptus trees, All known species, taxa types, organized by scientific Latin botanical name first and common names second
List of Eucalyptus Tree Species Names
Botanical Tree NameCommon Tree Name
Eucalyptus abdita¡ ?
Eucalyptus absitaBadgingarra box
Eucalyptus acaciiformisWattle-leaved peppermint
Eucalyptus accedensPowder-barked wandoo
Eucalyptus aciesWoolbernup mallee
Eucalyptus acmenoidesWhite mahogany
Eucalyptus acroleuca¡ ?
Eucalyptus aenea¡ ?
Eucalyptus aequioperta¡ ?
Eucalyptus agglomerataBlue-leaved stringybark
Eucalyptus aggregateBlack gum
Eucalyptus albaWhite gum
Eucalyptus albensWhitebox, White-box, White box
Eucalyptus albidaWhite-leaved mallee
Eucalyptus albopurpureaCoffin bay mallee
Eucalyptus alligatrixSilver-leaved stringybark
Eucalyptus alpinaGrampians gum
Eucalyptus ammophila¡ ?
Eucalyptus amplifoliaCabbage gum
Eucalyptus amygdalinaBlack peppermint
Eucalyptus anceps¡ ?
Eucalyptus ancophila¡ ?
Eucalyptus andrewsiiNew England blackbutt
Eucalyptus andrewsii ssp. campanulataNew England blackbutt
Eucalyptus angophoroidesApple-topped box
Eucalyptus angularisLesueur phantom mallee
Eucalyptus angulosaRidge-fruited mallee
Eucalyptus angustissimaNarrow-leaved mallee
Eucalyptus annulataOpen-fruited mallee
Eucalyptus annuliformisBadgerabbie mallee
Eucalyptus apiculataNarrow-leaved mallee ash
Eucalyptus apodophyllaWhitebark
Eucalyptus apothalassicaInland white mahogany
Eucalyptus approximansNew england mallee ash
Eucalyptus aquaticaMountain swamp gum
Eucalyptus aquilineCape le grand mallee
Eucalyptus arachnaeaBlack-stemmed mallee
Eucalyptus arborellaTwertup mallet
Eucalyptus archeriAlpine cider gum
Eucalyptus arenaceaDesert stringybark
Eucalyptus argillaceaKimberley grey box
Eucalyptus argophloiaBurncluith gum, Queensland western white gum
Eucalyptus argutifoliaWabling hill mallee
Eucalyptus argypheaSilver mallet
Eucalyptus aromaphloiaCreswick apple-box, Scented bark tree
Eucalyptus articulate¡ ?
Eucalyptus aspersa¡ ?
Eucalyptus aspratilisSoak yate
Eucalyptus astringensBrown mallet
Eucalyptus atrata¡ ?
Eucalyptus atrovirens¡ ?
Eucalyptus aureola¡ ?
Eucalyptus australisNarrow-leaved peppermint
Eucalyptus badjensisBadja gum, Gully ash
Eucalyptus baeuerleniiBaeuerlen's gum
Eucalyptus baileyanaBlack stringybark
Eucalyptus bakeriBaker's mallee
Eucalyptus balanitesCadda road mallee
Eucalyptus balanopelex¡ ?
Eucalyptus balladoniensisBalladonia mallee
Eucalyptus bancroftiiBancroft's red gum, Orange gum
Eucalyptus banksiiTenterfield woolybutt
Eucalyptus barberiBarber's gum
Eucalyptus baudiniana¡ ?
Eucalyptus bauerianaRound-leaved box
Eucalyptus baxteriBrown stringybark
Eucalyptus beaniana¡ ?
Eucalyptus beardiana¡ ?
Eucalyptus beasleyi¡ ?
Eucalyptus behrianaBull mallee, Broad-leaved box
Eucalyptus bensoniiMountain swamp gum
Eucalyptus benthamiiCamden white gum
Eucalyptus beyeriNarrow-leaved grey ironbark
Eucalyptus bicostataSouthern blue gum, Eurabbie, Blue gum tree, Victorian blue gum
Eucalyptus bigaleritaNorthern salmon gum
Eucalyptus biturbinataGrey gum
Eucalyptus blakelyiBlakely's red gum
Eucalyptus blaxelliiHowatharra mallee
Eucalyptus blaxlandiiBrown stringybark, Blaxland's stringybark
Eucalyptus boliviana¡ ?
Eucalyptus bosistoanaCoast grey box
Eucalyptus botryoidesSouthern mahogany, Bangalay
Eucalyptus brachyandraTropical red box
Eucalyptus brachycalyxGilja
Eucalyptus brachycarpa¡ ?
Eucalyptus brachycorysCowcowing mallee
Eucalyptus brachyphylla¡ ?
Eucalyptus brassianaCape York red gum, Gum-topped peppermint, Karo
Eucalyptus brevifoliaNorthern white gum
Eucalyptus brevipes¡ ?
Eucalyptus brevistylisRate's tingle
Eucalyptus bridgesianaApplebox, Apple gum, But-but, Moonbi apple box, Swamp applebox, Apple-box
Eucalyptus brockwayiDundas mahogany
Eucalyptus brookerianaBrooker's gum
Eucalyptus broviniensis¡ ?
Eucalyptus browniiReid river box
Eucalyptus buprestiumBall-fruited mallee
Eucalyptus burdettianaBurdett's mallee
Eucalyptus burgessianaFaulconbridge mallee ash
Eucalyptus burracoppinensisBurracoppin mallee
Eucalyptus cadensWangaratta gum
Eucalyptus caesiaSilver princess
Eucalyptus calcareanaNundroo mallee
Eucalyptus calcicolaBoranup mallee
Eucalyptus caleyiDropping ironbark
Eucalyptus caliginosaNew england stringybark, Broad-leaved stringybark
Eucalyptus calycogonaSquare-fruited mallee
Eucalyptus calyerup¡ ?
Eucalyptus camaldulensisRiver red gum, Red gum, Murray red gum
Eucalyptus cambageanaDawson gum, Dawson river blackbutt
Eucalyptus cameroniiDiehard stringybark
Eucalyptus camfieldiiHeart-leaved stringybark, Camfield's stringybark
Eucalyptus campaspeSilver-topped gimlet
Eucalyptus camphoraMountain swamp gum
Eucalyptus canaliculataLarge-fruited grey gum, Grey gum tree
Eucalyptus candida¡ ?
Eucalyptus cannoniiCapertee stringybark
Eucalyptus canobolensis¡ ?
Eucalyptus capillosaWheatbelt wandoo
Eucalyptus capitellataBrown stringybark
Eucalyptus capricornia¡ ?
Eucalyptus captiosa¡ ?
Eucalyptus carnabyi¡ ?
Eucalyptus carnea¡ ?
Eucalyptus carneiCarne's blackbutt
Eucalyptus castrensis¡ ?
Eucalyptus celastroidesSnap and rattle
Eucalyptus cephalocarpaMealy stringybark
Eucalyptus ceracea¡ ?
Eucalyptus cerasiformisCherry-fruited mallee
Eucalyptus ceratocorys¡ ?
Eucalyptus cernuaRed or yellow flowered moort
Eucalyptus chapmanianaBogong gum
Eucalyptus chartaboma¡ ?
Eucalyptus chlorocladaBaradine gum
Eucalyptus chlorophyllaGlossy-leaved box
Eucalyptus chrysantha¡ ?
Eucalyptus cinereaArgyle Apple, Silver Dollar Eucalyptus
Eucalyptus cladocalyxSugar gum
Eucalyptus clelandiiCleland's blackbutt
Eucalyptus clivicolaGreen mallet
Eucalyptus cloezianaCloeziana gum, Gympie messmate
Eucalyptus cneorifoliaKangaroo island narrow leaved mallee
Eucalyptus cocciferaTasmanian snow gum
Eucalyptus communalis¡ ?
Eucalyptus concinnaVictoria desert mallee
Eucalyptus conferruminataBald Island marlock
Eucalyptus confertifloraBroad-leaved carbeen, Cabbage gum
Eucalyptus confluensKimberley gum
Eucalyptus conglobataPort Lincoln Mallee
Eucalyptus conglomerataSwamp Stringybark
Eucalyptus conicaFuzzy gum
Eucalyptus coniophloia¡ ?
Eucalyptus conjuncta¡ ?
Eucalyptus connerensis¡ ?
Eucalyptus considenianaYertchuk
Eucalyptus conspicua¡ ?
Eucalyptus conveniens¡ ?
Eucalyptus coolabahCoolabah, Coolibah
Eucalyptus cooperianaEsperance mallee
Eucalyptus copulans¡ ?
Eucalyptus cordataSilver-dollar eucalyptus, Heart-leaved silver gum
Eucalyptus cornutaYate
Eucalyptus coronataCrowned mallee
Eucalyptus corrugateRib-fruited mallee
Eucalyptus corticosa¡ ?
Eucalyptus corynodes¡ ?
Eucalyptus cosmophyllaCup gum
Eucalyptus costuligera¡ ?
Eucalyptus crebraNarrowleaf red ironbark tree, Narrow-leaved red ironbark
Eucalyptus crenulataBuxton gum, Silver gum tree
Eucalyptus cretaLarge-fruited gimlet
Eucalyptus cretataDarke peak mallee
Eucalyptus crispataYandanooka mallee
Eucalyptus croajingolensisCoast peppermint
Eucalyptus crucesSouthern cross mallee, Silver mallee
Eucalyptus culleniiCullen's ironbark
Eucalyptus cunninghamiiCliff mallee ash
Eucalyptus cupreaMallee box
Eucalyptus cupularisHall's creek white gum
Eucalyptus curtisiiPlunkett mallee
Eucalyptus cyanoclada¡ ?
Eucalyptus cyanophyllaBlue-leaved mallee
Eucalyptus cyclostoma¡ ?
Eucalyptus cylindrifloraWhite mallee
Eucalyptus cylindrocarpaWoodline mallee
Eucalyptus cypellocarpaMountain grey gum, Monkey gum
Eucalyptus dalrympleanaWhite gum (mountain)
Eucalyptus darwinensis¡ ?
Eucalyptus dawsoniiSlaty gum, Slaty box
Eucalyptus dealbataTumbledown gum, Tumbledown red gum, Silver gum, Baradine gum
Eucalyptus deaneiRoundleaf gum, Blue gum
Eucalyptus decipiensRedheart moit
Eucalyptus decolor¡ ?
Eucalyptus decorticansGum-topped ironbark
Eucalyptus decurvaSlender mallee
Eucalyptus deflexaLake king mallee
Eucalyptus degluptaIndonesian gum, Rainbow eucalyptus
Eucalyptus delegatensisAlpine ash
Eucalyptus delicata¡ ?
Eucalyptus dendromorphaBudawang ash
Eucalyptus densaDwarf blue mallee
Eucalyptus denticulata¡ ?
Eucalyptus depauperata¡ ?
Eucalyptus derbyensis¡ ?
Eucalyptus desmondensisDesmond's mallee
Eucalyptus desquamataDevil's peak box
Eucalyptus deuaensis¡ ?
Eucalyptus dielsiiCap-fruited mallet
Eucalyptus diminuta¡ ?
Eucalyptus dipteraTwo-winged gimlet
Eucalyptus discreta¡ ?
Eucalyptus dissimulataRed-capped mallee
Eucalyptus distans¡ ?
Eucalyptus diversicolorKarri
Eucalyptus diversifoliaSoap mallee, South Australian coast mallee
Eucalyptus divesBroadleaf peppermint gum, Blue peppermint
Eucalyptus dolichocera¡ ?
Eucalyptus dolichorhynchaFuchsia mallee
Eucalyptus dolorosa¡ ?
Eucalyptus dongarraensisDongarra mallee
Eucalyptus doratoxylonSpearwood
Eucalyptus dorrigoensisDorrigo white gum
Eucalyptus drummondiiDrummond's mallee
Eucalyptus drysdalensis¡ ?
Eucalyptus dumosaWhite mallee
Eucalyptus dundasiiDundas blackbutt
Eucalyptus dunniiKillarney ash
Eucalyptus dura¡ ?
Eucalyptus dwyeriDwyer's mallee
Eucalyptus ebbanoensisSandplain mallee
Eucalyptus educta¡ ?
Eucalyptus effusaRough-barked gimlet
Eucalyptus elaeophloia¡ ?
Eucalyptus elataRiver peppermint gum
Eucalyptus ellipsoidea¡ ?
Eucalyptus ellipticaBrittle gum
Eucalyptus erectifoliaStirling range mallee
Eucalyptus eremicolaNawa mallee, Vokes hill mallee
Eucalyptus eremophilaSand mallee
Eucalyptus erythrandraRosebud gum
Eucalyptus erythrocorysIllyarrie, Red cap gum
Eucalyptus erythronemaWhite mallee, Lindsay gum
Eucalyptus erythronema var. marginata¡ ?
Eucalyptus eudesmioides¡ ?
Eucalyptus eudesmoidesMallalie, Desert gum, Myallie
Eucalyptus eugenioidesThin-leaf stringybark, Pink blackbutt
Eucalyptus ewartianaEwart's mallee
Eucalyptus exigua¡ ?
Eucalyptus exilipes¡ ?
Eucalyptus exilisBoyagin mallee
Eucalyptus exsertaQueensland peppermint
Eucalyptus extensa¡ ?
Eucalyptus extrica¡ ?
Eucalyptus falcataSilver mallee
Eucalyptus famelica¡ ?
Eucalyptus fasciculosaPink gum
Eucalyptus fastigataBrown barrell, Cut-tail
Eucalyptus fergusonii¡ ?
Eucalyptus ferriticola¡ ?
Eucalyptus fibrosaBroad-leaved ironbark
Eucalyptus fibrosa ssp. nubila¡ ?
Eucalyptus filiformis¡ ?
Eucalyptus fitzgeraldiiPaper-bark box
Eucalyptus flavidaYellow-flowered mallee
Eucalyptus flindersiiGrey mallee, mallee red gum
Eucalyptus flocktoniaeMerrit
Eucalyptus foecundaFremantle mallee, Coastal dune mallee
Eucalyptus foliosa¡ ?
Eucalyptus fordeana¡ ?
Eucalyptus formaniiForman's mallee
Eucalyptus forrestianaFuchsia gum, Forrest's mallee, Forrest's marlock
Eucalyptus fracta¡ ?
Eucalyptus fraseriBalladonia gum
Eucalyptus fraxinoidesWhite-ash, White mountain ash
Eucalyptus froggattiiKamarooka mallee
Eucalyptus fruticetorumEucalyptus
Eucalyptus fruticosa¡ ?
Eucalyptus fulgens¡ ?
Eucalyptus fusiformis¡ ?
Eucalyptus gamophyllaBlue mallee, Warilu
Eucalyptus gardneriBlue mallee
Eucalyptus georgeiHyden blue gum
Eucalyptus gigantangion¡ ?
Eucalyptus gilleniiMount gillen mallee
Eucalyptus gilliiCurly mallee
Eucalyptus gittinsiiNorthern sandplain mallee
Eucalyptus glaucescensTingiringi gum
Eucalyptus glaucinaSlaty red gum
Eucalyptus globoideaWhite stringybark
Eucalyptus globulusTasmanian bluegum, Southern Blue Gum
Eucalyptus globulus ssp. bicostataEurabbie
Eucalyptus globulus ssp. globulusTasmanian bluegum
Eucalyptus globulus ssp. maideniiTasmanian Bluegum
Eucalyptus glomericassis¡ ?
Eucalyptus glomerosaJinjulu
Eucalyptus gomphocephalaTuart
Eucalyptus gongylocarpaMarble gum, Baarla
Eucalyptus gonianthaJerdacuttup mallee, Kessells mallee
Eucalyptus goniantha ssp. goniantha¡ ?
Eucalyptus goniocalyxMountain graygum, Bundy, Long-leaved box, Olive-barked box
Eucalyptus goniocarpa¡ ?
Eucalyptus gracilisRed mallee, Yorrel white mallee
Eucalyptus grandisGrand eucalyptus, Flooded gum, Rose gum
Eucalyptus granitica¡ ?
Eucalyptus grasbyi¡ ?
Eucalyptus greeniana¡ ?
Eucalyptus gregoriensis¡ ?
Eucalyptus gregsonianaWolgan snow gum
Eucalyptus griffithsiiGriffiths grey gum
Eucalyptus grisea¡ ?
Eucalyptus grossaCoarse-leaf mallee, Thick-leaved mallee
Eucalyptus guilfoyleiYellow tingle
Eucalyptus gunniiCider gum
Eucalyptus gypsophila¡ ?
Eucalyptus haemastomaScribbly gum
Eucalyptus haematoxylonMountain gum, Mountain marri
Eucalyptus halliiGoodwood gum
Eucalyptus halophilaEucalyptus
Eucalyptus hamersleyana¡ ?
Eucalyptus hawkeri¡ ?
Eucalyptus hebetifolia¡ ?
Eucalyptus helidonica¡ ?
Eucalyptus hemiphloiaWhite box
Eucalyptus hemiphloia var. albensWhitebox
Eucalyptus herbertianaKalumburu gum, Yellow-barked mallee
Eucalyptus histophylla¡ ?
Eucalyptus horistes¡ ?
Eucalyptus houseanaKimberley white gum
Eucalyptus howittianaHowitt's box
Eucalyptus hypochlamydea¡ ?
Eucalyptus hypostomatica¡ ?
Eucalyptus ignorabilis¡ ?
Eucalyptus imitans¡ ?
Eucalyptus imlayensisMount Imlay mallee
Eucalyptus impensa¡ ?
Eucalyptus incerataMount day mallee
Eucalyptus incrassateRidge-fruited mallee, Yellow mallee
Eucalyptus indurataIronbark
Eucalyptus infera¡ ?
Eucalyptus insularisNorth twin peak island mallee
Eucalyptus interstans¡ ?
Eucalyptus intertextaGum coolibah, Smooth-barked coolibah
Eucalyptus intrasilvatica¡ ?
Eucalyptus jacksoniiRed tingle
Eucalyptus jenseniiIsdell river ironbark, Wandi ironbark
Eucalyptus jimberlanica¡ ?
Eucalyptus johnsonianaJohnson's mallee
Eucalyptus johnstoniiJohnston's gum, Tasmanian yellow gum
Eucalyptus jucundaYuna mallee
Eucalyptus jutsoniiJutson's mallee
Eucalyptus kabiana¡ ?
Eucalyptus kakadu¡ ?
Eucalyptus kartzoffianaAraluen gum
Eucalyptus kenneallyi¡ ?
Eucalyptus kesselliiKessell's mallee
Eucalyptus kingsmilliiKingsmill's mallee
Eucalyptus kitsonianaGippsland mallee
Eucalyptus kochiiOil mallee
Eucalyptus kondininensisKondinin blackbutt
Eucalyptus koolpinensisKoolpin box
Eucalyptus kruseanaBook-leaf mallee
Eucalyptus kumarlensis¡ ?
Eucalyptus kybeanensisKybean mallee ash
Eucalyptus lacrimans¡ ?
Eucalyptus laeliaeDarling range ghost gum
Eucalyptus laevis¡ ?
Eucalyptus laevopineaSilvertop stringybark
Eucalyptus lane-poolei¡ ?
Eucalyptus langleyi¡ ?
Eucalyptus lansdowneanaRed-flowered mallee box
Eucalyptus lansdowneana ssp. albopurpurea¡ ?
Eucalyptus largeanaCraven grey box
Eucalyptus largiflorensBlack box, River box
Eucalyptus latens¡ ?
Eucalyptus lateriticaLaterite mallee
Eucalyptus latisinensis¡ ?
Eucalyptus lehmanniiBushy yate
Eucalyptus leprophloiaScaly butt mallee
Eucalyptus leptocalyxHopetoun mallee
Eucalyptus leptophlebaMolloy red box
Eucalyptus leptophyllaNarrow-leaved red mallee
Eucalyptus leptopodaTammin mallee
Eucalyptus lesouefiiGoldfield's blackbutt
Eucalyptus leucophloiaScaly-butt mallee
Eucalyptus leucophylla¡ ?
Eucalyptus leucoxylonWhite ironbark, Yellow gum
Eucalyptus leucoxylon ssp. megalocarpaBlue gum
Eucalyptus ligulataLucky bay mallee
Eucalyptus ligustrinaPrivet-leaved stringybark
Eucalyptus limitaris¡ ?
Eucalyptus lirataKimberley yellowjacket
Eucalyptus litoralis¡ ?
Eucalyptus litorea¡ ?
Eucalyptus lividaMalle wandoo
Eucalyptus lockyeri¡ ?
Eucalyptus longicornisRed morrell
Eucalyptus longifoliaWoollybutt
Eucalyptus longirostrataGrey gum
Eucalyptus loxophlebaEucalyptus, York gum
Eucalyptus loxophleba ssp. loxophlebaEucalyptus
Eucalyptus lucasiiBarlee box
Eucalyptus lucensGlistening mallee
Eucalyptus luculenta¡ ?
Eucalyptus luehmannianaYellow-top mallee-ash
Eucalyptus luteola¡ ?
Eucalyptus macarthuriiCamden woollybutt
Eucalyptus mackintii¡ ?
Eucalyptus macquoidii¡ ?
Eucalyptus macrandraRiver yate, Long flowered marlock
Eucalyptus macrocarpaMottlecah
Eucalyptus macrorhynchaRed stringybark
Eucalyptus macrorhyncha ssp. cannonii¡ ?
Eucalyptus maculataSpotted gum
Eucalyptus magnificataBlue box
Eucalyptus maideniiMaiden's gum
Eucalyptus majorQueensland grey gum
Eucalyptus malacoxylonMoonbi apple box
Eucalyptus mannensisMann range mallee
Eucalyptus mannifera¡ ?
Eucalyptus mannifera ssp. gullickii¡ ?
Eucalyptus mannifera ssp. maculosaBrittled gum
Eucalyptus marginataJarrah
Eucalyptus mckieanaMckies stringybark
Eucalyptus medialis¡ ?
Eucalyptus mediocris¡ ?
Eucalyptus megacarpaBullich
Eucalyptus megacornutaWarted yate
Eucalyptus melanoleuca¡ ?
Eucalyptus melanophitra¡ ?
Eucalyptus melanophloiaSilver-leaf ironbark
Eucalyptus melanoxylonBlack morrel
Eucalyptus melliodoraYellow box
Eucalyptus mensalis¡ ?
Eucalyptus merrickiaeGoblet mallee
Eucalyptus michaelianaHillgrove gum
Eucalyptus micrantheraAlexander river mallee
Eucalyptus microcarpaWestern grey box, Mottlecah
Eucalyptus microcorysAustralian tallowwood
Eucalyptus microneuraGeorgetown box, Gilbert river box
Eucalyptus microschema¡ ?
Eucalyptus microthecaCoolabah, Coolibah
Eucalyptus mimica¡ ?
Eucalyptus miniataWoolybutt, Melaleuca gum, Darwin woolybutt
Eucalyptus misella¡ ?
Eucalyptus mitchellianaMount Buffalo gum
Eucalyptus moluccanaGrey box, Gum-topped box
Eucalyptus mooreanaMoores gum, Mountain white gum
Eucalyptus mooreiBroad leaved sally, Little sally
Eucalyptus morrisbyiMorrisby's gum
Eucalyptus morrisiiGray mallee
Eucalyptus muellerianaYellow stringybark
Eucalyptus multicaulisWhipstick mallee ash
Eucalyptus mundijongensisEucalyptus
Eucalyptus myriadena¡ ?
Eucalyptus nandewaricaMount Kaputar red gum
Eucalyptus neglectaOmeo gum
Eucalyptus nelsonii¡ ?
Eucalyptus neutra¡ ?
Eucalyptus newbeyiBeaufort inlet mallee
Eucalyptus nicholiiNarrow-leaved black peppermint
Eucalyptus nigraQueensland white stringybark
Eucalyptus nigrifundaDesert wandoo
Eucalyptus nitensShining gum
Eucalyptus nitidaSmithton peppermint gum
Eucalyptus nobilisManna gum
Eucalyptus normantonensisGreenvale box, Normanton box
Eucalyptus nortoniiMealy bundy, Long-leaved box
Eucalyptus notabilisBlue mountains mahogany
Eucalyptus nova-anglicaNew england peppermint, Black peppermint tree
Eucalyptus novoguinensis¡ ?
Eucalyptus nutansRed-flowered moort, Nodding gum
Eucalyptus obconica¡ ?
Eucalyptus obesa¡ ?
Eucalyptus obliqueMessmate (stringybark)
Eucalyptus oblonga¡ ?
Eucalyptus obstansPort jackson mallee
Eucalyptus obtusifloraDongara mallee
Eucalyptus occidentalisFlat-topped yate, Swamp yate
Eucalyptus ochrophloiaYapunyah
Eucalyptus odontocarpaSturt creek mallee
Eucalyptus odorataPeppermint box
Eucalyptus oldfieldiiOldfields mallee
Eucalyptus oleosaGiant mallee, Red mallee
Eucalyptus olidaManna gum
Eucalyptus oliganthaBroad-leaved box
Eucalyptus olivina¡ ?
Eucalyptus ollaris¡ ?
Eucalyptus olseniiWoila gum
Eucalyptus ophitica¡ ?
Eucalyptus optima¡ ?
Eucalyptus orariaOoragmandee
Eucalyptus orbifoliaRound-leaved mallee
Eucalyptus ordiana¡ ?
Eucalyptus oreadesBlue mountains ash, White ash, Smooth-barked mountain ash
Eucalyptus orgadophilaMountain coolibah, Gum-topped box
Eucalyptus orientalis¡ ?
Eucalyptus ornataSilver mallet
Eucalyptus ovataSwamp gum
Eucalyptus ovularisSmall-fruited mallee
Eucalyptus oxymitraSharp-capped mallee
Eucalyptus pachycalyxPumpkin-barked gum, Shiny-barked gum, Mottled gum
Eucalyptus pachylomaKalgan plains mallee
Eucalyptus pachyphyllaRed-bud mallee
Eucalyptus paedoglauca¡ ?
Eucalyptus paliformisWadbilliga ash
Eucalyptus paludicola¡ ?
Eucalyptus pandaBrogans ironbark, Corky ironbark, Tumbledown ironbark
Eucalyptus paniculataGray ironbark
Eucalyptus pantoleuca¡ ?
Eucalyptus paralimnetica¡ ?
Eucalyptus parramattensisParramatta red gum, Rough-budded calgaroo
Eucalyptus parvulaKybean gum
Eucalyptus patellarisWeeping box
Eucalyptus patensSwan River Blackbutt, Western Australian Blackbutt
Eucalyptus paucifloraSnow gum
Eucalyptus pauciflora ssp. debeuzevillei¡ ?
Eucalyptus pauciflora ssp. niphophila¡ ?
Eucalyptus pauciseta¡ ?
Eucalyptus peeneriPeeneri
Eucalyptus pellitaLarge-fruited red mahogany
Eucalyptus pendensBadgingarra mallee
Eucalyptus peninsularis¡ ?
Eucalyptus perangusta¡ ?
Eucalyptus percostata¡ ?
Eucalyptus perrinianaSpinning gum
Eucalyptus persistens¡ ?
Eucalyptus petiolarisWater gum, Blue gum
Eucalyptus petraeaGranite rock box
Eucalyptus petrensis¡ ?
Eucalyptus phaenophylla¡ ?
Eucalyptus phenaxKangaroo island mallee
Eucalyptus phoeniceaGnaingar, Scarlet gum
Eucalyptus phylacisMeelup mallee
Eucalyptus pilbarensis¡ ?
Eucalyptus pileataChapped mallee, Capped mallee
Eucalyptus pilligaensisNarrow leaf box, Pilliga grey box
Eucalyptus pilularisBlackbutt
Eucalyptus pimpinianaPimpin mallee
Eucalyptus piperitaSydney peppermint tree, Urn-fruited peppermint
Eucalyptus placita¡ ?
Eucalyptus planchonianaNeedlebark, Planchon's stringybark, Bastard tallow-wood
Eucalyptus planipes¡ ?
Eucalyptus platycorysBoorabbin mallee
Eucalyptus platyphyllaPoplar gum, Ringing gum
Eucalyptus platypusMoort
Eucalyptus platypus var. heterophylla¡ ?
Eucalyptus plenissimaOil mallee
Eucalyptus pleurocarpa¡ ?
Eucalyptus pleurocorys¡ ?
Eucalyptus pluricaulisPurple-leaved mallee
Eucalyptus polita¡ ?
Eucalyptus polyanthemosRedbox (US = A tree name in Austrailia)
Eucalyptus polybracteaBlue mallee, Blue-leaved mallee
Eucalyptus pontis¡ ?
Eucalyptus populneaBimble box, Poplar box
Eucalyptus porosaMallee box
Eucalyptus portuensis¡ ?
Eucalyptus praecox¡ ?
Eucalyptus praetermissa¡ ?
Eucalyptus pravaOrange gum
Eucalyptus preissianaBell-fruited mallee
Eucalyptus prolixa¡ ?
Eucalyptus prominensCape range mallee
Eucalyptus propinquaGrey gum, Grey irongum, Small-fruited grey gum
Eucalyptus protensa¡ ?
Eucalyptus provecta¡ ?
Eucalyptus pruiniramisJingymia gum
Eucalyptus pruinosaSilver box
Eucalyptus psammiticaBroad-leaved white mahogany
Eucalyptus pseudoglobulusGippsland blue gum
Eucalyptus pterocarpa¡ ?
Eucalyptus pulchellaWhite peppermint, Narrow-leaved peppermint
Eucalyptus pulverulentaSilverleaf mountain gum
Eucalyptus pumilaPolkobin mallee, Mallee grey gum
Eucalyptus punctataGray gum
Eucalyptus pyrenea¡ ?
Eucalyptus pyriformisPear-fruited mallee, Dowerin rose
Eucalyptus pyrocarpaLarge-fruited blackbutt, Pear-fruited blackbutt
Eucalyptus quadrangulataWhite topped box, Coast white box, Grey box, Soft white box
Eucalyptus quadrans¡ ?
Eucalyptus quadricostataPentland ironbark
Eucalyptus quaerenda¡ ?
Eucalyptus quinniorum¡ ?
Eucalyptus racemosaScribbly gum, Snappy gum, White gum
Eucalyptus radiataNarrow-leaf peppermint gum
Eucalyptus ramelianaGiles's mallee
Eucalyptus rariflora¡ ?
Eucalyptus raveretianaBlack ironbox
Eucalyptus ravidaSilver-topped gimlet
Eucalyptus recta¡ ?
Eucalyptus recurvaMangarlowe mallee
Eucalyptus redacta¡ ?
Eucalyptus redimiculifera¡ ?
Eucalyptus reducta¡ ?
Eucalyptus reduncaBlack marlock, Black-barked marlock
Eucalyptus regnansMountain ash
Eucalyptus relicta¡ ?
Eucalyptus remotaKangaroo island mallee ash
Eucalyptus repullulans¡ ?
Eucalyptus resiniferaRed mahogany, Red messmate, Red stringybark
Eucalyptus retinensHillgrove box
Eucalyptus rhodanthaRose mallee
Eucalyptus rhombica¡ ?
Eucalyptus rigensSaltlake mallee, Eucalyptus
Eucalyptus rigidulaStiff-leaved mallee
Eucalyptus risdoniiRisdon's peppermint
Eucalyptus rivularis¡ ?
Eucalyptus robertsoniiNarrow-leaf peppermint gum
Eucalyptus robustaSwamp mahogany
Eucalyptus rodwayiSwamp peppermint
Eucalyptus rosacea¡ ?
Eucalyptus rossiiScribbly bark, White gum
Eucalyptus royceiShark bay mallee
Eucalyptus rubidaCandle-bark gum
Eucalyptus rubiginosa¡ ?
Eucalyptus rudderiRudder's box
Eucalyptus rudisWestern Australian flooded gum
Eucalyptus rugosaKingscote mallee
Eucalyptus rummeryiSteel box, Casino brown box, Grey box, Rummery's box
Eucalyptus rupestris¡ ?
Eucalyptus salicifoliaBlack peppermint
Eucalyptus salicolaSalt gum
Eucalyptus salignaSydney blue gum
Eucalyptus salmonophloiaSalmon gum
Eucalyptus salubrisGimlet gum
Eucalyptus sargentiiSalt river gum, Eucalyptus tree
Eucalyptus saxatilisMount wheeler mallee, Suggan buggan gum
Eucalyptus sciasLarge-fruited red mahogany
Eucalyptus sclerophylla¡ ?
Eucalyptus scopariaWallangarra white gum
Eucalyptus scyphocalyx¡ ?
Eucalyptus seeanaSwamp blue gum, Forest red gum, Narrow-leaved cabbage gum
Eucalyptus selachiana¡ ?
Eucalyptus semota¡ ?
Eucalyptus sepulcralisWeeping gum, Weeping mallee
Eucalyptus serraensisGrampians gum
Eucalyptus sessilisFinke river mallee, McDonnell range mallee
Eucalyptus sheathianaRibbon-bark mallee
Eucalyptus shirleyiShirleys' silver-leaved ironbark
Eucalyptus sicilifolia¡ ?
Eucalyptus siderophloiaNorthern gray ironbark, Black ironbark tree, Red ironbark
Eucalyptus sideroxylonRed ironbark, Mugga
Eucalyptus sieberiSilvertop ash, Coast ash, Ironbark, Black ash
Eucalyptus signataScribbly gum, Snappy gum, Peppermint-leaved white gum
Eucalyptus similisInland yellow-jacket
Eucalyptus singularis¡ ?
Eucalyptus smithiiSmith's eucalyptus, Gully gum, Blackbutt peppermint, Gully ash
Eucalyptus socialisRed mallee, Giant mallee
Eucalyptus sp. Howes Swamp Creek¡ ?
Eucalyptus sp. Norseman¡ ?
Eucalyptus sp. Wagerup¡ ?
Eucalyptus sparsaNorthern ranges box
Eucalyptus sparsicoma¡ ?
Eucalyptus sparsifoliaNarrow-leaved stringybark
Eucalyptus spathulataSwamp mallet eucalyptus
Eucalyptus spathulata ssp. grandiflora¡ ?
Eucalyptus spathulata ssp. spathulataEucalyptus
Eucalyptus sphaerocarpaBlackdown Stringybark
Eucalyptus splendens¡ ?
Eucalyptus sporadica¡ ?
Eucalyptus spreta¡ ?
Eucalyptus squamosaScaly-bark
Eucalyptus staeriAlbany Blackbutt
Eucalyptus staigeriana¡ ?
Eucalyptus steedmaniiSteedman's mallet
Eucalyptus stellulataBlack sallee, Black Sally, Muzzlewood
Eucalyptus stenostoma¡ ?
Eucalyptus stoateiScarlet pear gum
Eucalyptus stowardiiFluted horn mallee
Eucalyptus striaticalyxKopi mallee
Eucalyptus stricklandiiStrickland's gum
Eucalyptus strictaBlue mountains mallee ash
Eucalyptus strzeleckii¡ ?
Eucalyptus sturgissianaEttrema mallee
Eucalyptus subangusta¡ ?
Eucalyptus subcrenulataTasmanian alpine yellow gum
Eucalyptus subereaMount lesueur mallee
Eucalyptus sublucida¡ ?
Eucalyptus subtilisNarrow-leaved mallee
Eucalyptus suffulgens¡ ?
Eucalyptus suggrandis¡ ?
Eucalyptus surgens¡ ?
Eucalyptus symonii¡ ?
Eucalyptus synandra¡ ?
Eucalyptus talyuberlup¡ ?
Eucalyptus tardecidens¡ ?
Eucalyptus taurina¡ ?
Eucalyptus tectificaDarwin box, Grey box, Macarthur river box
Eucalyptus tenella¡ ?
Eucalyptus tenera¡ ?
Eucalyptus tenuipesNarrow-leaved white mahogany
Eucalyptus tenuiramisSilver peppermint
Eucalyptus tenuis¡ ?
Eucalyptus tephroclada¡ ?
Eucalyptus tephrodes¡ ?
Eucalyptus terebra¡ ?
Eucalyptus tereticornisForest red gum, Blue gum
Eucalyptus terrica¡ ?
Eucalyptus tessellarisCarbeen, Moreton bay ash
Eucalyptus tetragonaTallerack, White-leaved marlock, Mealy gum, Silver marlock
Eucalyptus tetrapleuraSquare fruited ironbark, Sparse fruited ironbark
Eucalyptus tetrapteraFour-winged mallee, Square-fruited mallee
Eucalyptus tetrodontaDarwin stringybark, Darwin messmate
Eucalyptus thamnoides¡ ?
Eucalyptus tholiformis¡ ?
Eucalyptus thozetianaMountain yapunyah, Napunyah, Thozet's box, Thozet's ironbox
Eucalyptus tindaliaeRamornie stringybark, Tindales stringybark
Eucalyptus tinghaensisTingha stringybark
Eucalyptus tintinnans¡ ?
Eucalyptus todtianaBlackbutt prickly-bark
Eucalyptus tokwa¡ ?
Eucalyptus torquataCoral gum, Coolgardie gum
Eucalyptus tortilis¡ ?
Eucalyptus trachybasis¡ ?
Eucalyptus transcontinentalisRedwood, Boongul
Eucalyptus tricarpaRed ironbark
Eucalyptus trifloraPigeon house ash, Three-flowered ash
Eucalyptus trivalvisDesert mallee
Eucalyptus tumida¡ ?
Eucalyptus ultima¡ ?
Eucalyptus umbraBroad leaved white mahogany, Narrow leaved white stringybark, Yellow stringybark
Eucalyptus umbrawarrensisUmbrawarra gum
Eucalyptus uncinataHook-leaf mallee
Eucalyptus urna¡ ?
Eucalyptus urnigeraUrn gum
Eucalyptus urnularis¡ ?
Eucalyptus urophyllaTimor mountain gum, Timor white gum
Eucalyptus utilis¡ ?
Eucalyptus uvida¡ ?
Eucalyptus valens¡ ?
Eucalyptus varia¡ ?
Eucalyptus vegrandis¡ ?
Eucalyptus vernicosaVarnished gum
Eucalyptus verrucata¡ ?
Eucalyptus vesiculosa¡ ?
Eucalyptus vicinaMootwingie mallee
Eucalyptus victoriana¡ ?
Eucalyptus victrixSmooth-barked coolabah
Eucalyptus viminalisManna gum, Ribbon gum
Eucalyptus virens¡ ?
Eucalyptus virginea¡ ?
Eucalyptus viridisGreen mallee
Eucalyptus vokesensis¡ ?
Eucalyptus volcanica¡ ?
Eucalyptus walshii¡ ?
Eucalyptus wandooWandoo
Eucalyptus websterianaWebster's mallee
Eucalyptus whiteiWhite's ironbark
Eucalyptus wilcoxii¡ ?
Eucalyptus williamsianaWilliams' stringybark
Eucalyptus willisii¡ ?
Eucalyptus woodwardiiLemon-flowered mallee or gum
Eucalyptus wubinensis¡ ?
Eucalyptus wyolensis¡ ?
Eucalyptus xanthoclada¡ ?
Eucalyptus xanthonemaSmall-leaved mallee
Eucalyptus xerothermica¡ ?
Eucalyptus yalatensisYalata mallee
Eucalyptus yarraensisYarra gum
Eucalyptus yilgarnensisYorrell
Eucalyptus youmaniiYoumans stringybark
Eucalyptus youngianaYardarlba
Eucalyptus yumbarranaYumbarra mallee
Eucalyptus zopherophloiaBlackbutt mallee

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List of Eucalyptus Tree Hybrids

Eucalyptus ×antipolitensis
Eucalyptus ×bennettiae
Eucalyptus ×mcintyrensis
Eucalyptus ×missilis
Eucalyptus ×mortoniana
Eucalyptus ×stoataptera
Eucalyptus ×trabutii