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Picture of a
Sweet Orange Tree
Sweet Orange Tree (Citrus × sinensis)
Picture of a Sweet Orange tree
(Citrus × sinensis)

There are many species and hybrids of Citrus trees that are commonly named as Orange trees, due to their fruit being described as an Orange.

This page will list all Citrus Species and Citrus Hybrids that are associated with the common name of Orange, and list the Scientific Botanical and common name of each. Many Citrus taxa have more obvious differences in the trees ripened fruit, rather than the tree itself, thus many common names reflect the characteristics of the Citrus trees fruit.

The common name Orange tree can apply to any of the Citrus taxa listed below, however this name in English speaking lands most often refers to the Citrus hybrid Citrus × sinensis (Citrus reticulata × Citrus maxima) or otherwise more accurately known as the Sweet Orange Tree.

List Types of Orange Trees, Citrus Genus - All species, organized by scientific Latin botanical or by common names
List of Orange Trees (Citrus) Species Names
Botanical Tree NameCommon Tree Name
Citrus bergamiaBergamot orange, Sour Orange
Citrus hassaku Hassaku orange, (Japanese: 八朔, also called "jagada")
Citrus hystrixPorcupine Orange, Thai Bai Makrut, Kaffir lime, Makrut lime, Mauritius papeda
Citrus indica Indian wild orange
Citrus nobilis Temple orange, Tangor, Satsuma tangor
Citrus reticulata Mandarin orange, Mandarine. Tangerine.
Citrus sinensis
- or - Citrus × sinensis (Citrus reticulata × Citrus maxima)
Sweet Orange, Orange Tree, Navel orange, Blood orange, Valencia orange
Citrus tachibana Tachibana orange
Citrus tamurana New Summer Orange. Hyuganatsu, Japanese: (日向夏).
Citrus trifoliata (syn. Poncirus trifoliata)Trifoliate orange, Chinese bitter orange, Japanese bitter-orange, Hardy orange, Karatachi
Citrus unshiu. See Citrus reticulata Satsuma orange, Unshu mikan, cold hardy mandarin, satsuma mandarin, Tangerine.
Citrus × aurantium Bitter orange, Sour orange, Seville orange, Bigarade orange, Marmalade orange, Indian lemon
Citrus × clementinaClementine, Thanksgiving Orange, Christmas orange
Citrus × poonensis Chinese Honey Orange, Ponkan

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Non Citrus species commonly named as an Orange Tree;

  • Japanese bitter orange (Aegle marmelos) is un-related to the Citrus genus, though the fruit looks similar on the outside (hence its common name), is not a Citrus fruit. It has a hard woody shell.
  • Monkey orange or Natal orange (Strychnos spinosa)
  • Osage orange (Maclura pomifera) also commonly known in North America as; Mock orange, horse apple, hedge apple, bow-wood, yellow-wood, bois d'arc.
  • Wild orange or native orange (Capparis mitchellii) is so commonly named in Australia. In the Arrernte language of Central Australia it is named "merne atwakeye". This species is a member of the Capparis genus commonly known as the "Caperbushes" or the "Caper shrubs".

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