Sabre Tree Names Types and Species of the Ceiba Genus

Picture of a Sabre Tree
Sabre Tree, Ceiba pentandra
Picture of a Sabre tree
(Ceiba pentandra).
Photo by Hannes Grobe,
Picture use (cc2)

The name Sabre (or Saber) is the English vernacular name given to the south American name for these types of trees. Botanists named these trees with the genus name of Ceiba, also pronounced the same way "SAY-buh" as the native south American name for these types of trees.

The Ceiba genus has many species of large trees found in tropical areas, including South America, Central America, Caribbean, Bahamas, Belize, Southeast Asia and West Africa. Some species (especially the well-known Kapok, Ceiba pentandra) can grow to 70 m (230 ft) tall or more. The Kapok tree (or Sabre tree) is well know for its huge spreading canopy extent and height, enormous buttress roots, and a straight tall trunk that tends to not branch out until above the heights of other surrounding trees.

Facts about Sabre Trees, Ceiba Genus
List of Sabre Trees, Ceiba Genus - All known species, taxa types, organized by scientific Latin botanical name first and common names second
List of Sabre (Ceiba) Tree Names
Botanical Tree NameCommon Tree Name
Ceiba acuminataKapok
Ceiba aesculifoliaPochote
Ceiba allenii¡ ?
Ceiba boliviana¡ ?
Ceiba chodatiiDrunken tree, palo borracho, palo botella, samu’u. Native to Argentina and southern Brazil.
Ceiba crispiflora¡ ?
Ceiba erianthos¡ ?
Ceiba glazioviiPaineira
Ceiba insignisWhite silk floss tree
Ceiba jasminodora¡ ?
Ceiba lupuna¡ ?
Ceiba pentandraSabre Tree, Kapok tree, Kapoktree, Silk cotton tree, White silk-cotton tree, Samaúma, Ceiba
Ceiba pubiflora¡ ?
Ceiba salmonea¡ ?
Ceiba samauma¡ ?
Ceiba schottii¡ ?
Ceiba soluta¡ ?
Ceiba speciosa (syn. Ceiba rosea)Silk-floss tree, Paineira, Palo borracho, Floss Silk Tree
Ceiba trichistandra¡ ?
Ceiba ventricosa¡ ?

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Photos and Pictures of Sabre (Ceiba) Trees

Sabre Tree Paineira
Picture of a Sabre tree (Paineira) trunk, (Ceiba speciosa).
Sabre Tree Trunk and Butress Roots
Picture of a Sabre tree trunk & bark showing thorns (Ceiba pentandra).
Photo by Geoff Gallice, Picture use (cc1)
Ceiba pentandra Tree Trunk Bark
Picture of a Sabre tree trunk & bark showing thorns (Ceiba pentandra).
Photo by Forest and Kim Starr, Picture use (cc1)

The ancient Mayans regarded the Sabre tree as sacred, and symbolized it with a cross;

When the Spanish missionaries arrived to the Americas, they were surprised to see a cross as a religious symbol among the Mayans, they thought then that Jesus had appeared here as well, however they soon learnt that the Mayan cross represented the sacred Sabre tree with its long straight trunk and horizontal branches.

List of Sabre Tree (Ceiba) Genus Vernacular Names;

Deutsch: Kapokbaum
English: Sabre Tree or saber Tree
Français: Fromager
Mayan: Yaxché
Português: Mafumeira sumaúma ou samaúma
Tiếng Việt: Chi Bông gòn