Birch Tree Names, Types of Betula Species

Picture of a Birch Tree
Birch Trees
Betula pendula, Silver Birch tree.
Photo by Jordgubbe, Picture use (cc2)

The genus Betula, commonly known as Birch is made up of 73 taxa. Birch species are normally small to medium-size trees or shrubs, mostly of temperate climates and boreal zones of the northern hemisphere. Birch trees prefer to occupy habitats in cool, moist areas, including peatlands (moors, peatbogs), river banks, and lakeshores. Birch can be found in larger numbers in cool damp woods and forests were the ground does not dry out for most of the year.

Birch tree leaves may be toothed or pointed. Birch branches and bark have many uses. Birch wood is often used for fire wood because it burns well without popping, even when frozen. Birch bark can be easily used to start fires and the bark can also be peeled into thin sheets to make a paper like kindling that can be ignited even with sparks.

Birch wood of species that grow to a large size such as Betula alleghaniensis (Yellow Birch) have many uses. The wood is used for Birch wood flooring, Birch cabinetry, Birch wood paneling, and some furniture. Plywood is also made with Birch wood because of the properties of the Birch wood lend themselves for plywood production.

Facts about the Betula Genus of Trees
List of Birch Trees, Betula Genus - All known species, taxa types, organized by scientific Latin botanical name first and common names second
List of Birch Tree Species Names
Botanical Tree NameCommon Tree Name
Betula aetnensis Etna Birch
Betula alajica¡ ?
Betula albosinensis Chinese Red Birch
Betula albosinensis var. septentrionalis North Chinese Red Birch
Betula alleghaniensis Yellow Birch
Betula alleghaniensis var. alleghaniensis Yellow Birch
Betula alleghaniensis var. macrolepis Yellow Birch
Betula alnoides Alder-Leaf Birch
Betula apoiensis¡ ?
Betula austrosichotensis¡ ?
Betula austrosinensis South China Birch
Betula baschkirica¡ ?
Betula bomiensis¡ ?
Betula borealis Northern Birch
Betula calcicola ¡ ?
Betula callosa¡ ?
Betula carpatica Carpathian Birch
Betula ceratoptera¡ ?
Betula chichibuensis¡ ?
Betula chinensis Chinese Dwarf Birch
Betula chitralica¡ ?
Betula cordifolia Mountain Paper Birch
Betula coriaceifolia¡ ?
Betula corylifolia¡ ?
Betula costata¡ ?
Betula cylindrostachya¡ ?
Betula dahurica¡ ?
Betula delavayi¡ ?
Betula divaricata¡ ?
Betula dolicholepis¡ ?
Betula ermanii Erman's Birch
Betula falcata¡ ?
Betula ferganensis¡ ?
Betula fontinalis Red Birch
Betula forrestii ¡ ?
Betula fruticosa¡ ?
Betula fujianensis¡ ?
Betula glandulosa Resin Birch, American Dwarf Birch
Betula globispica¡ ?
Betula grossa Japanese Cherry Birch
Betula halophila¡ ?
Betula heptopotamica¡ ?
Betula honanensis¡ ?
Betula humilis (syn. Betula Kamchatka) Kamchatka Birch
Betula insignis¡ ?
Betula jacquemontii (Betula utilis ssp. jacquemontii) White-Barked Himalayan Birch
Betula jarmolenkoana¡ ?
Betula jiaodongensis¡ ?
Betula jiulungensis ¡ ?
Betula Kamchatka Kamchatka Birch, Platyphylla
Betula karagandensis¡ ?
Betula kenaica Kenai Birch
Betula kirghisorum¡ ?
Betula klokovii¡ ?
Betula korshinskyi ¡ ?
Betula kotulae ¡ ?
Betula kunarensis¡ ?
Betula lanata ¡ ?
Betula lenta Sweet Birch, Black Birch, Cherry Birch
Betula lenta ssp. uber Virginia Round-Leaf Birch (Endemic, Cressy Creek, Smyth County, Virginia)
Betula litwinowii¡ ?
Betula luminifera¡ ?
Betula mandschurica Manchurian Birch
Betula mandschurica var. japonica Japanese Birch
Betula margusarica¡ ?
Betula maximowicziana Monarch Birch
Betula medwediewii Caucasian Birch
Betula megrelica ¡ ?
Betula michauxii Newfoundland Dwarf Birch
Betula microphylla ¡ ?
Betula minor Dwarf White Birch
Betula murgabica¡ ?
Betula murrayana Murray's Birch
Betula nana Dwarf Birch or Bog Birch
Betula nana ssp. exilis Dwarf Birch
Betula nana ssp. nana Dwarf Birch
Betula nana ssp. perfiljevii Dwarf Birch
Betula neoalaskana Alaska Birch, Resin Birch, Yukon Birch
Betula nigra River Birch, Black Birch
Betula obscura¡ ?
Betula occidentalis Water Birch, Red Birch (Betula Fontinalis)
Betula ovalifolia ¡ ?
Betula ovczinnikovii¡ ?
Betula oycoviensis ¡ ?
Betula pamirica ¡ ?
Betula papyrifera Paper Birch, Canoe Birch, American White Birch
Betula papyrifera var. cordifolia Mountain Paper Birch
Betula papyrifera var. kenaica Kenai Birch
Betula papyrifera var. papyrifera Paper Birch
Betula paramushirensis¡ ?
Betula pendula Silver Birch, European White Birch
Betula pendula var. platyphylla Siberian Silver Birch
Betula pendula var. szechuanica Szechuan White Birch, Sichuan Birch
Betula platyphylla Asian White Birch
Betula platyphylla var. japonica ¡ ?
Betula platyphylla var. kamtschatica ¡ ?
Betula platyphylla var. platyphylla Asian White Birch
Betula populifolia Gray Birch
Betula potamophila¡ ?
Betula potaninii¡ ?
Betula procurva¡ ?
Betula psammophila¡ ?
Betula pubescens Downy Birch, White Birch, European White Birch, Hairy Birch
Betula pubescens ssp. pubescens Downy Birch
Betula pubescens ssp. tortuosa Arctic Downy Birch
Betula pumila Bog Birch, Swamp Birch
Betula pumila var. glabra Bog Birch, Swamp Birch
Betula pumila var. glandulifera Bog Birch, Swamp Birch
Betula pumila var. pumila Bog Birch, Swamp Birch
Betula pumila var. renifolia Bog Birch, Swamp Birch
Betula pyrolifolia¡ ?
Betula raddeana¡ ?
Betula regeliana¡ ?
Betula rockii ¡ ?
Betula saksarensis ¡ ?
Betula saposhnikovii¡ ?
Betula saviczii¡ ?
Betula schmidtii¡ ?
Betula seravschanica¡ ?
Betula sunanensis ¡ ?
Betula szechuanica Szechuan White Birch, Sichuan Birch
Betula tadzhikistanica¡ ?
Betula tianschanica ¡ ?
Betula turkestanica¡ ?
Betula tuturinii¡ ?
Betula uber (Betula lenta ssp. uber) Virginia Roundleaf Birch (Endemic, Cressy Creek, Smyth County, Virginia)
Betula utilis Himalayan Birch
Betula wuyiensis ¡ ?
Betula zinserlingii¡ ?

Birch Tree Photos and Pictures

Birch tree catkins
Birch tree catkins from Betula pendula.
Photo by Meneerke Bloem,
Picture use (cc2)
Birch white paper bark
The white paper bark of the Silver Birch Tree,
Betula pendula
Betula Pendula, Silver Birch showing leaves
Silver birch (Betula pendula)
showing the typical toothed
or pointed shaped leaves.
Photo by Mehmet Karatay,
Picture use (cc2)

List of Birch Hybrid Names

Betula ×alpestris
Betula ×aurata
Betula ×avatshensis
Betula ×bottnica
Betula ×caerulea - Blue Birch
Betula ×caerulea var. grandis - Big Blue Birch
Betula ×dugleana
Betula ×dutillyi - Dutilly's Birch
Betula ×eastwoodiae
Betula ×hornei
Betula ×jackii
Betula ×murrayana
Betula ×purpusii
Betula ×raymundii - Raymund's Birch
Betula ×sandbergii
Betula ×sargentii
Betula ×uliginosa
Betula ×utahensis
Betula ×vologdensis
Betula ×winteri
Betula ×zimpelii

List of Birch Vernacular Names

български: Бреза
català: Bedoll
česky: Bříza, Břízy
српски / srpski: Бреза
Dansk: Birk
Deutsch: Birken (Pflanze)
Eesti: Kask
English: Birch
Español: Abedul
Esperanto: Betulo
Français: Bouleau
Italiano: Betula
עברית: שדר
Lietuvių: Beržas
Nederlands: Berk
日本語: カバノキ属
Nordfriisk: Birkebuumer
Norsk (bokmål)‎: Bjørk
Norsk (nynorsk)‎: Bjørk
Polski: Brzoza
Português: Bétula
Română: Mesteacăn
Pусский: Берёза
Slovenščina: Breza
словѣ́ньскъ: Брѣза
Suomi: Koivut
Svenska: Björk
Tiếng Việt: Chi Bạch dương
Türkçe: Huş
українська: Береза
Walon: Beyôle
中文: 桦树